Halo: Recruit Mixed Reality Fails To Win Fans Over

Imagine playing as Master Chief, running around the  universe of Halo, experiencing everything there is to experience in said realm. Wouldn’t it be an eye-full to witness all of the world that Halo has to offer, especially when it is set in Mixed Reality? Well, it seems that the latest trailer has turned many fans off from even wanting to experience the aforesaid.

I bet you’re thinking “what’s the difference between VR and Mixed Reality (MR)?” I’ll explain before jumping into the problem that Microsoft and 343 Industries have brought to the table via Road to VR‘s new video.

Virtual Reality, which is known as VR, can double over as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality. It replicates an environment that looks physical and that can be interacted with in a way like toggle switches and so forth. However you are virtually in another place when in compared to another thing called Mixed Reality.

As for Mixed Reality, it merges both the virtual and real world together to produce new environments. This visual collision offers a physical and digital space to co-exist in such a way that the player stuck in the middle of this can interact with things in real-time. In other words, Mixed Reality is an overlay of synthetic content on the real world so that synthetic content and the real-world content are able to react to each other in real-time. This is also sometimes referred to as augmented reality.

Now that you have an idea what VR and MR has to offer, wouldn’t it be cool to experience Halo in either world if done correctly? Sadly, though, Microsoft and 343 Industries failed, thus rendering Halo: Recruit to look like a low-grade Steam indie VR game. Many gamers have stressed this over on the video’s comment section and dislike meter.

Graphically it looks like a mess, there was nothing interesting or entertaining about the gameplay, and if we ignore the music that the content creator put to play over the video, the game still lacks a lot.

Take SUPERHOT Team for an example, SuperHot doesn’t look graphically amazing but it does make up for it with its simplistic and stylistic look of whites, red and black. The gameplay also opts for something unique that ultimately makes it stand out from other VR games. Halo: Recruit from the video doesn’t do anything to woo fans over like SuperHot.

With a big name like Microsoft publishing Halo: Recruit and devs that have been working in the industry for a while now, 343 Industries, you’d think something with a bit more oomph would come out, right? Especially given that it’s Halo. However that’s not the case.

The full version could prove the skeptical naysayers wrong come October 17th for Windows 10 PC, but if the beginning segment in the video is any indication of the rest of the game, get ready to cross your fingers and hope that Halo 6 attempts to save the downward spiraling franchise that Halo is on.


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