Hidden Agenda Gameplay Walkthrough And Choices

Hidden Agenda Walkthrough

Sony PlayStation 4 owners have been able to dabble into a little bit of something unique with Super Massive’s asymmetric, multiplayer thriller, Hidden Agenda. For those who needed help with getting through the game and making the right choices, there’s a walkthrough available.

You can check out the three video playlist below from MKIceandFire covering the game from start to finish. It’s only an hour and 30 minutes long (depending on the choices you make) so it’s about the length of an average movie.

The game is played using mobile devices, so you’ll need to have one on hand if you want to play through the story mode. You can also choose to play in the competitive mode.

You’ll need to have the devices connected via the Hidden Agenda app if you want to participate in the multiplayer mode.

The game starts with a man in an apartment with bombs strapped to him. Police attempt to enter into the apartment but it’s rigged – and with a camera recording the action – and once the police enter the door the whole thing goes boom.

Six weeks later we join Becky and her partner, a black officer.

Your first choice is to either going in stealthily or blast through the front door. If you go in stealthily you’ll need to avoid the booby-trapped door.

From there you can either find your partner or investigate the screams of the girl.

Hidden Agenda - Jonathan Finn

If you choose to investigate the screams or find Tom, your partner. If you investigate the screams you can then call for Tom, and either go in alone to confront the killer or wait for Tom. If you wait for Tom you can choose to shoot Jonathan Finn and injure him or wait and hold him in your sights.

If you shoot him the electric booby-trap will ignite and you’ll have to choose to either save your partner Tom or save the victim. You can’t save both. Whoever you save the other person will be electrocuted to death.

Hidden Agenda - Katie Cassidy

During the next series of conversations with Tom – if he survives – you can have a conversation with him, making a couple of quick remarks that can either be anxious or bitter, along with mentioning to the boss about whether or not you’re glad that Finn meets his death in 48 hours.

The game then switches over to Felicity Graves, where you’ll be able to choose an Optimistic or Cynical response before heading into the room to talk to Jonathan Finn. You’ll be clued in to ask about “Adam Jones”.

During the conversation you can respond to Finn by being “Curious” and asking about Adam Jones, or being Impatient and getting angry with Finn. If you’re curious then Finn will talk about how Adam Jones was the one who did the killings.

The follow-up options to the curious query will be to continue to be “Curious” or to be “Skeptical” and say that Adam doesn’t exist.

If you choose to be curious Finn will further talk about drawing a map. You can choose to let him draw you a map or you can be dismissive.

Additionally, you can be reassuring or pessimistic about Finn attempting to place the blame on Adam Jones.

Hidden Agenda - Judgement

Lana will attempt to convince Felicity to do what she can to get Finn to help them track down Adam Jones. You can choose to be Supportive or Defiant. If you’re Supportive then Felicity will go to the judge to ask about staying Finn’s execution to track down Jones.

You can choose to be either Skeptical or Curious about whether or not Finn is telling the truth. If you choose to be Skeptical you’ll then have the choice of being Optimistic or Frustrated with how the case has been stumped, but if you choose to be Optimistic you’ll have the final choice of either being Confident or Uncertain about whether or not Finn can lead the police to Adam Jones. If you chooser to be Confident then the Judge will cave in to Felicity and grant Finn several hours with the police to track down Jones.

Back at the police station Felicity will have to convince the cops to go along with Finn, and you can either be Hostile toward the detective or Restrained. If you’re restrained then Detective Calvary will talk a little bit about Adam Jones.

Becky will ask about whether or not Finn is telling the truth. You can choose to be Optimistic or Dismissive about the query. If you’re dismissive then Felicity will explain to the police that she’s just covering all the bases.

Detective Calvary will then be smarmy about the situation and you can choose to be Hostile or Restrained, which doesn’t change much in the way the conversation flows.

Felicity will then ask Becky to recount an event that took place five years ago at a trailer park, which will trigger a flashback, and your next set of drastic choices: Enter the trailer or search the area.


If you choose to search the area then Becky will look around and call in her activity to the dispatcher.

You’ll then have to search for three clues inside the trailer. The first clue is on the coffee table. The second clue is on the carpet – the footprints. The third clue is the duffel bag by the chair.

You’ll only have a limited amount of time to search for all three clues.

Becky will then have to save the social worker. You’ll have a choice of either fleeing the trailer or helping the social worker. If you stay to help her Becky will be able to get the bomb off her and throw it out the window but she will burn her hand in the process. It’s also revealed that a few weeks later the social worker died in a hit and run accident.

As Felicity you’ll be able to either ask about Finn getting away or admire Becky for being brave enough to go in alone.

Hidden Agenda - Hillary

You can either tell Calvary to work with the team or get frustrated with him.

You can also either be polite or demanding for the information to look for records. If you’re demanding then they’ll have Mr. Hillary look into the records.

You can also choose to be friendly or dismissive of Becky. If you’re friendly with Becky then Felicity will invite her over to her apartment.

During the conversation you can choose to be apologetic or annoyed. If you’re apologetic the two will keep going over the notes.

Hidden Agenda - 3rd Precinct

You can also choose to be thoughtful or defensive when Felicity suggests that the targets of the Trapper might aimed at the 3rd Precinct. If you’re thoughtful the two will talk about the drug problems some of the police officers had at the 3rd precinct.

Becky will show up at the park cabin and Tom will reveal that Cavalry brought a hooker to the cabin and then he was killed.

You’ll have to search for three clues in the cabin, including the bullet holes, mouse trap, and the painting. The painting and bullet holes are right next to each on the right side of the room.

Tom will ask Becky where she was last night. You can choose to either tell him that Becky was with Felicity last night or get angry at Tom for asking. You’ll want to tell Tom that Becky and Felicity were together to provide an alibi for Becky.

During the briefing from Sgt. Riggs you can be concerned or curious about the situation involving Calvalry. Additionally, you can be annoyed or restrained when Riggs assigns Becky some of Calvary’s paperwork.

Additionally, if you had a falling out with Tom you’ll confront him in the hallway. If you’re more restrained and depressed instead of being assertive, Tom will confide in Becky and reveal that Calvary had some dark nastiness in his past and that the department is rooting for her.

You’ll have to work through the case files, including investigating the Trapper’s links to various locations and crimes. You’ll have a choice of three locations to visit, including the location of the first victim, the Las Palmas Orphanage, or the location where the orderly died from Las Palmas.

If you visit the orphanage there are three clues you must find, a picture on the desk, a picture frame on the wall in between the two windows, and a small compartment.

In the next segment Becky and Felicity will meet with Finn to tour Jones’ old home. You can also choose to tighten or loosen Finn’s cuffs.

In the squatter’s section you’ll need to search for three clues, including a box full of pest control, a newspaper clipping about the orphanage, and the tent.

During the segment, Finn will reveal that while Jones was at the orphanage, they were hurt badly by the priest and the orderly. Finn states that Adam Jones planned the deaths of the cops from the 3rd precinct because they wouldn’t help or do anything about the pervert priest when they called them as children.

As Becky, you can choose to be assertive and agree with what Jones did or be dismissive about it.

Finn will also reveal that the girl at the beginning of the game who dies if you choose to save Tom, was in on the plan with Finn and Jones. You can either act surprised or act skeptical.

Felicity will ask Becky if she’ll be okay on her own. You can either be Confident and say you’ll stay with Finn, or be Cautious and leave with Felicity.

If you choose to stay then Finn will propose to escape to lure out Adam Jones. You can be Curious and hear out his plan or be Dismissive. Finn will continue to press Becky to let him go so he can draw out Jones. You can either be puzzled at this request or be angry. If you’re puzzled then Finn will make one last request to go free, at which point you can be confident or dismissive about it. If you’re confident then Becky will let Finn go free.

Hidden Agenda - Finn Goes Free

During the interrogation from Sgt. Riggs, you can either be defensive or apologetic. If you’re defensive then both Tom and Riggs will be skeptical about Becky’s intentions.

You’ll then be able to choose one of the other two locations to visit. You can attempt to track down Vernon Lemay, the relative of the orderly who worked at the orphanage.

You can either be reassuring and calming with Vernon or you can be threatening towards him after he attempts to flee to the roof. If you’re calm and reassuring then Vernon will eventually put his weapon down.

During the interrogation you can be curious or provocative – if you’re curious, patient and then hostile, you’ll get Vernon to spill the beans about the dirty cops at the precinct.

Becky will go back to the cabin where Calvary died. You’ll need to search for three more clues, including the small hidden camera that fell out of the painting, the shell casings on the floor, and the bed.

During the investigation of the room, a mysterrious woman will creep around the house; you’ll need to act fast to stay silent to avoid alerting the woman.

Becky will talk to Tom about her findings but Tom will leave, frustrated.

If you let Finn go then he will give Becky a call and tell her he’s at Adam’s house.

Becky will wake up in a hotel and find the judge, nearly naked and on the floor with a bomb inside his stomach.

If you choose to ask the judge who did this to him, he will reveal that it was a “whore”. If you’re confused the caller will explain that the judge’s heart is attached to the timer in his stomach. You’ll have the choice of either fleeing the hotel and leaving the judge to die or staying and attempting to help the judge.

If you attempt to flee instead of surrender, you can either let Riggs take you in by surrendering or flee into the sewers. Thigns don’t end well for Becky during this route.

If you were successful in staying quiet in the cabin, and if you tell Tom that you had an alibi in Felicity, then Becky will meet Felicity in the bar and Finn will tell her that he’s at Jones’ house. It turns out that the Trapper is actually Hillary, and he will attempt to capture Becky in her car and then flee.

Becky will chase down Hillary to his house and you’ll be able to go in and confront Hillary in the house. You’ll be able to shoot and kill Hillary or hold him at gun point.

This will unlock another ending, where Becky comes out on top as the hero.

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