The Hong Kong Massacre, John Woo-Inspired Shooter Coming To PS4 In 2018
The Hong Kong Massacre

There’s a really awesome new game in the works for the PS4 that was just announced during the Paris Game Week live-stream called The Hong Kong Massacre. Vreski and Captain Rouge Production teased the game again after a three year hiatus from the media scene.

The game is a story driven top-down shooter that takes very obvious inspiration from John Woo’s Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun Fat. The movie was a hard-boiled action movie that was balls-to-the-walls pure cinema bliss.

The game attempts to mimic John Woo’s style of action cinema turned into 3D set pieces where players will run around similar to Hotline Miami in an overhead view, but the gameplay itself is mirrored after Remedy Entertainment’s Max Payne or Tiger Hill Entertainment’s Stranglehold.

If you missed the original teaser from several years ago you can check out the new trailer below, courtesy of GamesPrey.

We don’t really get to find out much about Hong Kong Massacre’s story other than that a Triad war is claiming a lot of lives and apparently someone is either getting revenge or attempting to clean up the streets. Either way, gamers will be shooting, blasting, and blowing the crap out of everything in their path.

As mentioned, it may be a top-down shooter but the environments feature lots of particle-based physics destruction, so we see tons and tons and tons of entities flying everywhere once the shooting starts.

We see glass shatter, fabric tear, wood splinter, blood fly, and walls break apart as you clear out noir-themed environments set within Hong Kong in China.

What’s more is that it’s not just about running and gunning, you can also jump over obstacles, shoot-dodge, and make leaps of faith from one roof top to the next while an explosion’s orgasm kisses the soles of your boots.

It looks like a righteously badass game and perfectly right up my alley. No release date has been hammered in yet but it’s due to drop in 2018 for the PS4… but I’m hoping it’s coming to PC because if so it’s going to be a day-one buy for me.


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