Huge Bang Bang, 2D Physics-Based MOBA Enters Early Access
Huge Bang Bang

Palomino Studios’ Huge Bang Bang is a side-scrolling, physics-based, MOBA game. Yes, it’s very similar to Nexon and Cwavesoft’s Hyper Universe but maybe this time the developers won’t shoot themselves in the foot with needless censorship and a campaign to basically fight against their own audience until the game dies.

In the case of Huge Bang Bang, the premise is actually very similar to Hyper Universe insofar that the game’s premise sees players taking on the role of a warrior engaging in a TV-style arena deathmatch where the objective is to fight against other contestants and attempt to come out of the match the winner.

Players will be able to manually customize their character instead of being assigned a pre-made character with a pre-made character class. You’ll be able to pick and choose your weapon loadout and how you approach the game.

You can see the Early Access trailer below to see how the game can be played and how the physics can alter how you can win or lose a match depending on the kind of enemy you’re fighting.

The game definitely looks a lot more chaotic and free-form than Hyper Universe, despite lacking the visual appeal and some of the waifu bait that Cwavesoft had implemented into their title.

The gameplay sports four-vs-four gameplay across a variety of arenas. As you battle and win matches you can accumulate experience, upgrade your character, and unlock new items with the gold you earn.

Weapon types range from melee focused types such as axes and swords, to projectile based weaponry that allow you to dual-wield pistols and fire rifles.

The levels also mix in run-and-gun side-scrolling gameplay and platforming as well.

Huge Bang Bang just recently entered into Early Access on over on the Steam store for $12.99. During the first week the game is marked down by 20% off. Palomino has plans on keeping the game in Early Access throughout all of 2018 where they want to add additional maps, weapons, character customization, and gameplay mechanics into the fold. The basic 4-vs-4 MOBA mode is present but more features will be slowly rolled out over the next several months.

You can learn more about Huge Bang Bang by visiting the official website.


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