Jagged Alliance: The Board Game Offers Gamers 4-Player Co-op Tabletop Action
Jagged Alliance The Board Game

Underground Games have a cooperative, tactical four-player game in the works that’s actually a board game based on Jagged Alliance.

The board game is pretty cool insofar that it allows you to use a modular board to change up how the map is put together, and then you can take your mercs and attempt to free the island of Arulco from the merciless dictator Deidranna.

It’s funny because these days you could never have a ruthless, genocidal, female dictator like Deidranna in a big-budget game while a straight, masculine rebel leader like Enrico attempts to lead his people to freedom and overthrow Deidranna. There would be lots of screeching and lots of hissing from the typical SJWs in media about misogyny and sexism. It’s amazing how far we’ve come since blockbuster, timeless masterpieces like Jagged Alliance 2.

Nevertheless, Jagged Alliance: The Board Game will feature a risk and reward system, along with a lot of the standard features from the digital games such as stamina, wounds, and black-market weaponry, but also features new content like bribing enemy troops to reduce escalation. You can get a small taste of what they have in store with the pitch video below.

Underground Games managed to peel the rights away for the board game from THQ Nordic, offering gamers many of the same mercenaries and weapons from SirTech’s turn-based military strategy game, but in the form of real-life plastic figurines.

There will be a variety of mission scenarios, along with a variety of enemy troops to overcome – such as 12 grunts, four snipers, six rushers, three bloodcats, three lieutenants; 12+ action and evade dice, more than 100 ally, weapon and gear cards; more than 80 spawn, event and attack cards; 20 mission cards; more than 80 markers for traps, status effects, encounters and objectives; and three campaign books, three scenario briefing folders and one big ‘ole rule book.

A $70 pledge will net you a full pack of Jagged Alliance: The Board Game, which is scheduled to release in full in November of 2018 next year.

The Kickstarter campaign got off to a hot start already, garnering $32,000 in just five days. They’re gunning for $58,849 and they still have 25 days to get there as of the writing of this article.

If you have any interest in the Jagged Alliance: The Board Game project, feel free to learn more by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

Heck, this could be the best Jagged Alliance game since the expansion Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business.


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