Kamsutra, Hybrid RPG-VN Lands On Steam With Uncensored Patch

Top Hat Studios and Super Hippo Games’ Kamasutra was originally supposed to launch on Steam back when it was made available for release over on Nutaku, the adult-themed digital distribution outlet. However, due to the uncensored H-scenes in the game, it was not possible to release it in full on Steam. Plus, unlike Ladykiller in a Bind, the developers weren’t SJWs that were in the SJW clique so they couldn’t get a free pass on the uncensored content.

Nevertheless, Top Hat Studios took the summer to modify Kamasutra and censor the game so that it would be suitable for release on Steam. After snipping and cutting away at the game’s adult-themed content, the studio announced that the circumcised version featuring censored content is now available on Valve’s digital distribution storefront.

You can pick up a copy of Kamasutra, the censored version, for $14.99 from the Steam store.

Back in July they announced to their gaming audience that the various scenes unsuitable for the Steam store would be censored. Over on the Steam discussion thread there’s a walkthrough on how to acquire and install the uncensored patch. You can download the 1.1GB uncensored patch from the Mega.nz link.

Simply locate your Steam folder and paste the contents into the “Game” folder. Bam, you’re done.

Kamasutra is a hybrid role-playing visual novel, where you’ll be able to explore the world of the afterlife as the “Wanderer” and choose from two different paths, either as a righteous one or as a sinner.

The game is heavily inspired from classics like Dungeons & Dragons, but the lore and atmosphere is lifted from religious literature, classic mythology, and cultural Indian themes.

The game sports more than 25 different locations to explore, along with 13 different NPCs to interact with, and multiple quests that can be completed in various ways that will result in different endings.

The game mixes traditional turn-based combat with conversations and item bartering, along with a karma system that changes and fluctuates based on the decisions you make throughout the game.

Most importantly, however, is that the game’s uncensored sexy-time scenes are completely intact with the addition of the uncensored patch, spanning more than 20 different scenarios to encounter.

You can learn more about the Steam version of Kamasutra by visiting the Steam store page.


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