Killer Instinct Cheats Updated To Give You Unlimited Health, Freeze Match Timer
Killer Instinct Cheats
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2017)

Now that Killer Instinct is available on Steam, gamers are actually a lot more interested in the game compared to when it was only available on the Windows 10 Store. With the release onto Steam, the cheat trainer community have updated the trainers with some all new cheats.

If you’re a premium member of Cheat Happens you can download the latest version of the trainer right now. The 3.9 update for Steam contains the following cheats:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Shadow/Reactor
  • Unlimited Instinct
  • Set Health Low
  • Freeze Match Timer
  • End Match
  • AI Cannot Attack

This trainer was updated just recently, with the last update for the game being all the way back in March of 2017. The previous update added the ability to heal the player during a match or make another player weak during the fight. You could also extend the match length or make it where the AI couldn’t attack.

These cheats are highly useful for players who just don’t have the skill to compete against the higher difficulty settings of the AI but still want to beat the arcade mode or unlock all the story segments for each of the characters on the roster.

It should go without saying that you should most certainly avoid using any of these cheat trainers online in the multiplayer modes. You’ll be VAC banned and put in multiplayer purgatory for the rest of your days on Steam.

It’s always imperatively to cheat responsibly, this way you can get away with cheating all the time and you don’t have to worry about getting bagged and tagged like Anthony Wiener and forced to give up your backdoor access to the “pizza delivery” facilitator in federal prison where you’ll regularly have to play dominoes and talk about various flavors of cheese.

Anyway, Killer Instinct is currently available on the Steam store for $39.99 and if you’re keen on cheating the latest version of the cheat trainer can be procured right now.

(Main image courtesy of Virtual Sa7)

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