Kojima Productions Opens Pre-Orders For Ludens, Starting At ¥ 37,800
Kojima Productions - Ludens

You can pre-order the 1/6 sized Ludens figure right now for ¥ 37,800, which is just a little under $400. The figure is the official mascot for the new and improved Kojima Productions, which is currently working on Death Stranding.

Back on January 1st, 2017 we originally reported that the figure was in development and would be made available for purchase as a collector’s item starting either in January or March of 2018. According to the Kojima Productsion store, you can expect your order for the large figurine to arrive in March of next year.

The figure is fully functional, sporting 46 points of articulation and actuation. Allowing you to bend, flex, move or play around with the expensive figure as if he were just another toy.

Kojima Productions - Ludens Helmet Open

The figure even features the creepy-cool option of moveable eyes, so if you don’t want him judging you while you attempt to raise a weapon more powerful than Metal Gear every night, you can have him look down in shame… just like the parents of Antifa members.

Anyway, the EVA Creative Suit is built with ABS PVC and sports real cloth over certain areas, along with highly detailed paint jobs and plenty of articulation across the Turing-style armor that Ludens is wearing.

Kojima Productions - Ludens With Flag

According to Kojima, the face of their mascot is actually based on a 3D scan of his own head, but he wanted the artists to change up how the eyes looked because he thought it was a little too eerily similar to himself. It’s funny because Norman Reedus originally thought that he would be donning the suit in Death Stranding, but he was given the news that he would not be wearing the suit. So far the only thing we know about Reedus’ character is that he was butt naked on a beach with a baby and some dead whales.

While Death Stranding is far off from release, you can look to get your hands on the Ludens figurine in his EVA suit starting March in 2018. Pre-orders are currently available over on the Kojima Productions website.


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