Laser League Free Steam Key Giveaway
Laser League

Looking forward to playing Roll7 and 505 Games’ Laser League? Well, we have some free Steam keys to giveaway as part of the closed stress test that the developers are rolling out, giving you an opportunity to dive into the multiplayer competitive shooter game… for free.

505 Games decided to reach out to One Angry Gamer to provide us with free keys to hand out to the gaming community. There are only a limited number of stress test keys being handed out, so you’ll have to act fast if you want one. So how do you get the free keys? Well, it’s rather simple.

1 – Pay a visit to One Angry Gamer’s Facebook page and click the “Like” button.
2 – You can message us for a Laser League key or check the FB page for keys being handed out.
3 – Once you have the key proceed to the Steam client and activate the game using the Steam key.
4 – That’s it… you have no reason to continue reading these instructions.
5 – Seriously, bro… you should have stopped at step 3, it’s just getting embarrassing now.
6 – Okay, well… I mean, if you want to hang out reading instructions all day be my guest.
7 – Really? You’re still here reading these? Move on already.
8 – See, this has become a strange fixation for you. It’s like you can’t stop. Why?
9 – All right, it looks like you’ve become addicted. This has to stop, and there’s only one cure…

Now for everyone else who stopped at number ‘3’ and decided to just retrieve their key, you’ll be able to partake in a game centered around speed, strategy, teamwork, and lightning fast reflexes.

Coming off successes such as OlliOlli and Not A Hero, Roll7 decided to try their hand at a game that mixes Tron with WindJammers.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered title made its public debut at E3 this past year, and Roll7 gave gamers an opportunity to see what the game looked like in action. You can check out the gameplay video below to see it for yourself

The objective of the game is to interact with the nodes and turn the laser grids into your team’s color. If the opposing color touches your opponents, they get de-rezzed.

Up to four players can be on a team at a time, and the game features three different arenas, six different character classes, and more than 60 different characters to choose from.

The game features 16 different power-ups along with 250 different customization options you can unlock as you play the game.

If you’re interested in getting a free key, just follow the basic three steps at the top of the article to join the closed stress test and play the game before everyone else.


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