Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 2 Walkthrough And Choices

Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 2

Deck Nine’s Life Is Strange: Before The Storm‘s second episode is here and it picks up where the last episode left off after Chloe and Rachel set a tree on fire following the revelation that Rachel’s dad was having an affair with another woman. There’s a complete walkthrough available for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 2 – Brave New World.

There’s a complete gameplay walkthrough for the latest episode courtesy of YouTube outlet Hey.It’s.Kevin. You can view the episode below.

During the conversation with Principal Wells, you’ll be faced with some stiff options, including to respond to the initial condition that was agreed upon with Wells by either saying “Don’t screw up”, asking if it’s “a rhetorical question”, or you can say nothing.

During the conversation Rachel will attempt to cover for Chloe during the meeting by taking the blame. However, if Rachel takes the blame then she’ll be moved out of the play and Victoria will take her place.

There’s a distinct choice to either let the punishment stay or talk back against Principal Wells and attempt to help ease the punishment against Rachel by further implicating Chloe for the blame.

If, however, you choose to have Chloe take the blame for Rachel then Principal Wells will reinstate Rachel into the play, but he will expel Chloe. If you don’t speak up for Rachel then Wells will only suspend Chloe for the rest of the year instead of expelling her.

You’ll get to look around in Chloe’s locker and empty it out by throwing stuff in the trash or examining the doodles. The only thing Chloe cares about is getting to her marijuana stash underneath her school books.

After seeing the message from Justin that he borrowed Chloe’s stash, the intro for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Episode 2 Brave New World will play.

You can go look around the parking at stuff or once you’re ready to move on you can talk to David and Chloe’s mother.

The very first thing you can say in response to David is that you don’t care or that you can’t have the conversation right now.

If in the previous episode you cursed out David during the car ride, David will hold it against you and force you to apologize. You can choose to either apologize or refuse. If you refuse then David will force Chloe to empty her pockets, at which point you can either refuse or comply.

If you’re extremely hostile to David then Chloe will shut the car door and walk away.

Another cinematic will play after Chloe goes to the junkyard to let off steam.

She’ll encounter a truck and venture to fix it up. You’ll need to explore the junkyard to find the parts to fix up the truck.

Head over to the white pickup junker and flip the latch inside. You can take the battery inside after popping the hood.

Take the battery back to the old pick-up and put it inside.

Once you get the battery in and attempt to turn on the truck, you’ll get a message from Rachel saying she’ll meet you in the junkyard soon.

You’ll need to find a few things to fix the truck, including a light-bulb, which you can get from a little green robot on the ground. Also, go over near the boat and take the pirate flag to work as a cover for the seats.

You can also climb inside the boat using the wooden pallet and graffiti on the hood inside the boat.

Head over past the white pickup truck on the other side of the junkyard and grab the mat so you can put it over the hole in the truck’s floor.

Take the items back to the old rusty pickup truck and place them inside and then Frank will call Chloe to meet her in the junkyard.

Once Chloe begins smoking she will drift off and dream about her father by a fire, where he has a mystical and creepy message to give her about the blinding light of fire.

Rachel and Chloe will talk it out in the jalopy. You’ll be able to choose from three different topics to talk to Rachel about, including the Fire, David or Blackwell.

After each topic you can choose to talk more about other topics or choose to ask Rachel about what’s bothering her. Once she talks about her dad she will want to talk about something else. You can either choose to takl about Principal Wells, the forest fire, or Chloe’s new jalopy truck.

Inside the junk shack there are a few things you can interact with along with being able to open the bag to take the clothes out.

Once you get done changing clothes Frank will show up at the junkyard.

Inside the motor home, Frank will want Chloe to fetch his notebook, after doing so you’ll be able to talk to ask about the woman coming out of the RV.

If you use the persuasion and say you can keep a secret, and tell Frank about your dream, he’ll eventually open up about the woman named Sera causing trouble in Arcadia Bay.

During the conversation Frank will ask Chloe to go into the dorm and steal money from Derek North’s room.

Back on campus you can talk to Steph, who will reveal her lesbian intentions to date Rachel. You can choose to tell her that Rachel is single, ask why she thinks that they’re together, or say that it’s confusing. This choice will determine how Steph thinks about Chloe and Rachel.

You can also talk to a few others around the school grounds, including Samuel and Evans. There isn’t much to gain from either conversation, but you will need to swipe the keys from Samuel.

You’ll need to scare the bird by pushing it toward the totem pole. Once Evan leaves the sprinkler, proceed to kick and break the sprinkler, which will cause Samuel to come out of the ground-keeper’s shed so you can swipe his keys.

You can also use the marker to graffiti on the door in the shed. You can either make Chloe act like an irredeemable hooligan or have her use the drawing to apologize.

When you attempt to go in Skip will ask you to state your official business. You can use the antagonize feature to get into the dorm by telling Skip:
You have to go to the bathroom
That his job is creepy
Is Wells pressuring Skip to write up students
Tell Skip that you thought they were friends, too
And then finally confuse him by asking did he look at Chloe’s tits.

Skip will get a call from Principal Wells and leave the area, saying he won’t rat out Chloe.

Once inside, you’ll find Drew’s room at 110.

The combination for the lock is located on the release form. The combination is: 1227

Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 2 - Damon

Before you can exit, Drew will come back with Mikey, and a fight will ensue between Damon and Drew.

You’ll have the option to either give Damon the money or stay with Mikey. If you give Damon the money then Drew will reveal that the money was supposed to be to help get their dad off the streets. If you stay with Mikey then Damon will beat Drew into a pulp.

After messing around backstage you’ll spot Victoria spiking Rachel’s drink in the dressing room.

You can either tell Rachel or distract Victoria. If you tell Rachel then she won’t drink it and Victoria will be angry. If, however, you distract Victoria then you’ll be able to take the opportunity to switch the drinks and force Victoria to gulp down the tea filled with muscle relaxers.

During Victoria’s attempt to make fun of Rachel, she will pass out fro4m the muscle relaxers. However, this will force Chloe to take over Victoria’s position in the play.

During the play, you’ll have to recite very specific lines up until Rachel goes off script. The lines are as follow:
I Boarded the King’s Ship
Hell is Empty
Walk over to the ship where the yellow sticker is posted.
In Troops
More Toil

From then on, Rachel will go off script and you can pick and choose which responses you want Chloe to make.

Rachel and Chloe will start walking down the street at night, you’ll be able to choose to talk about where to go. If you choose to say that you can leave right then, Rachel will ask where: depending on where you choose Rachel will tell a story about what the duo will do wherever they go.

Rachel will also ask Chloe what it will take to finally leave Arcadia Bay. Obviously most people are going to choose a kiss.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 2 - The Kiss

You can examine the house while Rachel’s mom makes dinner and Rachel gathers her stuff.

Talk to Mrs. Amber and she’ll direct Chloe to set the table by putting the plates down. You can talk to her about some other topics or ask her “What’s Next?” to get the next task. You’ll have to ask Mr. Amber about what sort of drink he would like.

Mr. Amber will ask you about Rachel – if you choose to put the blame on Chloe then Mr. Amber will praise Chloe for being a good friend to Rachel. If you choose to put the blame on Mr. Amber, then things will turn out a lot less amiable for Chloe.

During the dinner conversation Chloe will have an opportunity to attack James using a lot of common Social Justice Warrior talking points.

The conversation devolves into how privileged some people can be, and the mother notes how diverse viewpoints are welcome in the home. Chloe responds by saying her progressive views don’t seem welcome in the home. During the argument, James’ affair will be brought up James will try to dismiss it. Chloe then attacks James for gaslighting them, thus completing the circle of SJW talking points.

The SJW-themed conversation rounds out with James telling Rachel that the woman he was kissing in the park wasn’t his mistress, it was her real mother.

Alternatively, if you choose to comfort Rachel instead of confronting James Amber, it will skip the entire argument, meaning you won’t get cancer from the SJW jargon, but Rachel will still get visibly angry with her dad and call him out for his affair anyway.

There’s an alternate set of choices and options available in the playthrough for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Episode 2 from YouTube outlet 360GamesTV.