Mashinky Beginner’s Guide: Learning Basic Building Tips

If you are looking for a beginner’s guide for Jan Zeleny’s Mashinky, this guide covers the train sim’s basic premise and how to understand block signals. Mashinky is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access and runs for $24.99.

When you first start off in Mashinky you will start the game as the head of a transport company. Later you will find that you must build and set tracks across varying terrain (some simple, some complex), while researching new vehicles to purchase.

After understanding what vehicle does what, you will be tasked with the job of managing and constructing routes in an attempt to compete while adhering to economic rulesets. In other words, you’re doing all of this to turn in a profit by transporting passengers and cargo.

If you are new to the game I bet you’re wondering how do you do all of this without causing collisions and understanding the routes to create efficient paths? Well, there’s something called block signals. Their whole purpose is to prevent trains from one block entering into another block and causing a world of pain with another train.

Start off by making a circle that takes up 13 or 14 spaces and have it connect with itself, this circle is called a block. Upon adding a signal somewhere on this block we will have a “left” and “right” side on hand, but since it connects it is one block that would theoretically have a Red light on constantly.

To separate this whole block add another signal parallel to the existing signal and you will now have two blocks on one circular rail. This creates a scenario where one train will be able to pass through the signals and circle around without a red light on.

On either side of the circle with two signals you can place an “L” shaped piece to go through the right or left side at 90 degrees or the same directions and degrees but flipped in the center of the circle. When the “L” shape intersects the circle it will make the whole thing one, to prevent this from happening place a third signal on the L shape. Your track should look like the one that Steam user Psojed posted up when you are done:

You can create different types of crossing like three-way tracks, four-way tracks, diamond-shaped crossing, and so on. Just remember to add-in proper signals to your crossing so that they work correctly without any potential crash points located on your build.

Two videos detailing how Mashinky works during its Early Access phase is up for you to look over, thanks to SB Gaming.

If you need more help with this game and learning more stuff about blocks and signals or remapping controls you can hit up Psojed guide page or Team Misha guide page on Steam.

The official website can be reached by visiting the given link.


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