MegaMan X: Corrupted Fan Game Progress Continues With New Discord

Indie team JKB Games have been hard at work on a fan game that sports Mega Man himself. As of now, progress on this game called MegaMan X: Corrupted continues and a new Discord server aims to speed up development.

Capcom hasn’t done anything with the iconic Blue Bomber in recent times that really appeals to the appetites of real fans. So instead fans have taken to tending to the Blue Bomber because they crave a new Mega Man game. It would seem like a big company like Capcom would jump on this demand to profit and please fans, but no… they’re busy chasing dollars with Resident Evil 7 and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Instead we have indie devs looking to carry on Mega Man’s legacy like WreckingPrograms’ Mega Maker. But that only catered toward fans who liked the 8-bit era of the Blue Bomber.

As of now, we have another project that goes by the name of MegaMan X: Corrupted. The game comes in by JKB Games and can bee seen below thanks to AListProductions.

The older trailer above that was released back in February of this year is followed by an August trailer by JKB Games showing 10 minutes of MegaMan X: Corrupted gameplay.

Recent activity by JKB Games can be found over on the team’s Facebook page, which announces an active Discord page as of this October. Additionally, you can see what the game has to offer as of now:

  • X and Zero are both playable with different intros and openings
  • Open world with non-linear gameplay and multiple paths
  • Story based on cannon events from X1-X5
  • Decisions you make change the story and lead to different endings
  • New armors for X and Zero
  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • New enemies
  • Level up to gain Skill Points to upgrade weapons and skills
  • Complete achievements to earn extra Skill Points
  • Customizable controls
  • New weapons and skills
  • Mini-map that expands as you explore
  • Several hidden items to collect

You can find more on MegaMan X: Corrupted by hitting up the team’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Discord.


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