Meltys Quest Uncensored Patch Available For Download

Meltys Quest Uncensored Patch

In case you weren’t keeping track of all the latest dealings and dynamics surrounding the nukige scene and uncensored patches, the developer of Meltys Quest has made the 18+, uncensored patch available for the Steam version of the game.

The patch is currently available for download for free from over on Remtairy’s Patreon page.

You can download the patch from either or Mediafire.

How To Install The Uncensored Patch

1 – Once you download the uncensored patch for the Steam version of Meltys Quest, make sure you have a program to unzip the contents, such as 7zip, Winrar, or WinZip.

2 – If you already have a program to uncompress the data, unzip the contents of the patch and run the uncensor patch v1.00.exe.

3 – Point to the Steam path of where you installed Meltys Quest during the installation process. If you’re unsure where the game is installed, use Windows’ search to find the game directory.

4 – Check the ReadMe.txt file and if it says “Uncensored!” in the first line then the patch was successfully installed.

Meltys Quest - A Hole Lot Of Trouble

That’s it, you’re all done. You’ll be able to enjoy the lewd and lascivious adventures of Meltys in Remtairy’s RPG.

The game came out on October 24th for $19.99. During the fist week there’s a 40% discount on the game, so it might be wise to grab the game during the discount if you had plans on adding an alluringly adult game to your licentiously lavish library of games.

Despite being an RPG Maker MV game, the user review scores have been surprisingly positive so far. So if you were worried about the game being low quality, most Steam users are reporting that it holds up quite well. With the uncensored patch you’ll be able to experience more than 50 uncensored lewd and nude scenes. You can learn more about Meltys Quest by visiting the Steam store page.

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