Metal Gear Solid’s David Hayter Talks About Hollywood Sexual Harassment Experience
David Hayter Sexual Harassment

In light of all the Harvey Weinstein news, David Hayter, known within gaming as the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, recently made a Twitlonger post talking about his experience with Hollywood’s sexual harassment machine and how he managed to get out of the situation thanks to his martial arts background and being strong-willed enough not to let another man put cream on his strudel.

The post goes through his early years in show business when he was working as a bartender and received a call up to a producer’s hotel room late one evening. Hayter recalls how the producer had rearranged the furniture in his room and was only donning a loosely tied bathroom, presumably with nothing but whatever your imagination can conjure underneath.

Hayter explicitly explains how the producer wanted to go over some clips from one of the films Hayter had a role in, but in doing so began making physical advances toward him, including attempting to raise the periscope on Hayter’s sub.

Things, however, didn’t quite go as the producer had planned, and the Solid Snake voice actor managed to get out of the room before the producer could park his limo in David’s garage.

Hayter explains that the post isn’t a pity party, it’s just him venting and offering some advice to some young up-and-comer who ends up, and comes, in Hollywood but not in any major film or TV project. Hayter writes…

“Please do not take this as a traumatic admission. It’s not. I don’t need sympathy, and I do not mean, in any way, to compare my experiences to the abject fear and humiliation faced by so many of the actresses coming forward now. I am extremely thick-skinned and I look back on these incidents as the price of doing business in this strange, fucked-up land of grown-up man-children who wield immense power.” […]


”But the elements were so similar to the stories told by the women abused by Harvey Weinstein that the incident has been on my mind.


“Except, here’s the crucial difference… Even though I was young, I was six foot one. I’d had many years of martial arts training by that point. I’d been in a number of street fights. In an earlier incident, I was forced to push another industry veteran up against the wall of an elevator in Cannes, to keep his hands off me. I was not above using violence to protect myself.”

Hayter advises later on in his post to take up martial arts; to learn how to fight and defend yourself, even if the odds seem stacked against you. He also doesn’t reproach anyone if they want to use their good looks and charm to get ahead in Hollywood by playing the roulette of chance, with the price being your integrity left to the vices of a producer’s rapine.

Even still, with a bunch of actors virtue signaling about their own encounters with the lecherous overseers of Hollywood, Hayter attempts to use the platform to comfort and offer solace to those who feel they’ve been recreant in their principles when facing the pressures of potential success in tinsel town.

“To the women who suffered at the hands of that vile shitbag, I offer my sincerest sympathy. My encounters with harassment occurred, here and there. But for young, beautiful women, men need to realize that this pressure, this threat, this humiliation is constant. Relentless.


“To all those affected, you have my belief, my support and this promise — Any set of mine will be a safe one. If anyone feels threatened in any way, on a project that I am working on, you may consider me an ally, a confidant and someone that takes your safety and well-being seriously.”

Hayter also offers some very common sense advice: If it looks, walks, and smells like an a-hole, it’s probably an a-hole, and avoid it at all costs.


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