Muslim Woman Publicly Criticizes Canadian SJWs For Rejecting Diversity Of Opinion
Justin Trudeau

A female Muslim student living in Canada named Palvasha Qureshi, penned an opinion piece recently criticizing Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and his supposed feminist stance and Liberal agenda to further “Diversify” Canada. The former Pakistani was appalled to learn that Liberals don’t actually support diversity of opinion.

Qureshi’s opinion piece was published on October 4th, 2017 on the CBC News website in the op-ed section. She realized that Liberal Social Justice Warriors arguing against Islamophobia and for the rights of women are also just as quick to condemn, silence, or even attack women when the opinions and political beliefs held don’t align with toeing the SJW agenda.

Qureshi wrote…

“The stunt at the status of women committee makes it seem like we’ve been brought to Canada for a photo-op, but are not actually welcome at the table. How can Trudeau truly profess to be against Islamophobia if my pro-life convictions, shaped by Islamic beliefs, mean I would not be allowed to chair a committee if I were elected?”

The “stunt” Qureshi is referencing is in relation to a recent vote that took place for the chair of the women committee in parliament. Pro-life Conservative MP Rachael Harder had originally been selected to chair the women committee, but since she’s a pro-lifer and a Conservative, the Liberal-dominated parliament, led by Justin Trudeau, staged a walkout on Harder.

According to Life Site, the Social Justice Warriors didn’t stop there. They literally coerced Conservative pro-choice MP Karen Vecchio into the position to ensure that pro-life MP Rachael Harder was not granted a chair on the women committee. Vecchio did not want the position and was against taking over as chair for the women committee, but the Liberal majority forced her into the position.

Qureshi was crushed to see that despite all the claims from Liberals about women’s rights, and freedom of choice, the Liberal brigade in Canada led by Trudeau aren’t fond of women holding views that don’t align with the Social Justice Warrior mandate. This is despite the fact that Trudeau doesn’t shy away from calling himself a feminist and constantly advocating for bringing in Muslim refugees, as captured by YouTuber Wrath0fKhan.

Obviously, reality is beginning to set in where some refugees see that they’re nothing more than virtue signal points on the progressive scoreboard, and that their opinions and beliefs don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Qureshi, the Muslim refugee, wrote…

“Moving to Canada was an incredible gift for me. I loved my adopted country. I believed in Canada. I believed it was a place where women with minority views have a voice. Canada should be a place where Jews, Christians, Muslims and Canadians of all other faiths could freely have and express their pro-life views. I was promised that Canada has freedom of expression and freedom of beliefs, resulting in a beautifully diverse society.


“We need to see that diversity — diversity of opinion — in politics, too. I know I am just one of many young Muslim Canadian women, together with many immigrants and refugees, who share MP Rachael Harder’s convictions. In that sense, the Liberals didn’t just walk out on Harder, but on me and literally millions of other Canadian women.”

Qureshi was red-pilled the hard way; having her dreams and reality shattered by the truth of the SJW agenda. It has nothing whatsoever to do with real freedom of choice or women’s rights; it’s authoritarian, and it leaves no room for the quarter of choice, opinion, or dissenting beliefs.

We recently saw the same thing transpire when James Damore was fired from Google for also advocating for the diversity of opinion outside of the extreme-Leftist indoctrination advocated by Social Justice Warriors within the company’s corporate ecosystem.


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