NeoGaf Mods Resign Amid Claims Of Sexual Misconduct Committed By Owner
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NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka has a sordid history of being a sexual harasser. These claims were oftentimes buried or squashed by the moderators on the popular gaming forum in order to protect Malka. Well, additional claims of sexual misconduct have surfaced. They came about when one of the victims of Malka’s antics made a Facebook post about her experience with the NeoGaf owner as part of the #MeToo hashtag trend. Originally, NeoGaf moderators tried burying the story, as noted in a post on Kotaku In Action, but lately the spread of the news surrounding Malka’s alleged sexual misconduct has become too much for the site’s staff to hide, and some of them have stepped down in light of the controversy.

Journalist Nick Monroe has been keeping tabs of the drama and subsequent fallout with a Twitter archive.

Multiple NeoGaf moderators have resigned as the news about the owner’s sexual misconduct continues to spread and trend on social media.

There were reports that NeoGaf would be making a statement about the matter, but it hasn’t been posted as of the publishing of this article. In fact, Tyler Malka hasn’t made a post on his Twitter account since August 28th, 2017.

The most recent allegations about Malka claimed that he attempted to have uninvited relations with the victim while she was in the shower. In the original thread, the story is recounted as such…

“I remember a man, who claimed to be my friend, going on a road trip to New Orleans.


“In NOLA we drank and had fun and one night we had been drinking our hotel room and I got sick. I was throwing up and decided to hop in the shower to feel better. I was surprised when he got into the shower, fully naked, behind me.


I had a boyfriend at the time and didn’t think I had given him any reason to believe I wanted this. I didn’t cheat. So I told him that it wasn’t ok, that I was sick, that I had a boyfriend, that I didn’t want that.


He got out and slowly started resenting me, being mean to me, ignoring me… in a city he drove me to.


I couldn’t wait to get home. I couldn’t tell my partner for fear that he would claim I led him on. My relationship with my boyfriend suffered and we broke up soon after that.


“I couldn’t come out about this situation because the perpetrator is a semi famous man
in video games who would have retaliated and I couldn’t afford to defend myself.”

Previous to these allegations, NeoGaf came under fire for harboring and protecting a former moderator who was later arrested for having child pornography.

Malka himself had donated money to the former moderator, but then later attempted to claim that they didn’t know much about him.

NeoGaf moderators and administrators banned users who attempted to bring up the topic about the former moderator and his child porn habits, and also buried and closed threads that attempted to discuss it.

The real kicker here is that NeoGaf has been notoriously anti-#GamerGate, banning people like Boogie2988 for his more moderate approach to #GamerGate, and banning anyone who didn’t immediately claim that it was a harassment campaign.

In fact, before his arrest, the former moderator who was into child porn was staunchly anti-#GamerGate, making various negative comments about the movement and some of the people who were attached to it.

This fits the trend of some of the loudest voices claiming to be male feminists and Social Justice Warriors actually turning out to be sexual abusers, molesters, deviants, and in some cases… actual rapists.

I attempted to reach out for comment, but Tyler Malka has me blocked on Twitter.


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