Nickelodeon Fires Loud House Creator, Chris Savino, For Sexual Misconduct

Chris Savino Fired

Chris Savino, the creator of popular kid’s show The Loud House, has been fired from Nickelodeon following an internal investigation the company conducted. This comes shortly after Nickelodeon suspended Savino after allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment were levied at Savino.

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong caught the news that was recently posted up by CNN.

On October 19th, 2017, CNN did a follow-up announcing that Savino had been fired for sexual misconduct.

The news was passed along by a Nickelodeon network spokesperson, who stated…

“Chris Savino is no longer working with Nickelodeon,” […] “We take allegations of misconduct very seriously, and we are committed to fostering a safe and professional workplace environment that is free of harassment or other kinds of inappropriate conduct.”

Some of the allegations included Savino sending lewd text messages to certain women, as well as making advances on them after they declined his advances. There was also one incident where a woman recalled turning down Savino’s advances while she had a project in production, but after turning him down the project was cancelled.

Savino’s firing comes on the heels of other male feminists, anti-#GamerGate journalists, and Social Justice Warriors all being fired this week for the exact same thing: sexual misconduct.

In one particular case, outspoken anti-#GamerGate journalist Sam Kriss was not only fired from places like Vice, but he was also suspended from the Labour Party in Britain, and a British MP also called for Kriss to be imprisoned.

Other anti-#GamerGate journalists and male feminists like Rupert Myers were fired from outlets like GQ Magazine. Vox Media’s editorial director, someone who was in charge of overseeing a lot of the anti-#GamerGate content that went up across Vox’s subsidiaries, was also fired for sexual misconduct.

While Savino had no direct ties to #GamerGate or any known pronouncements about feminism, it still stands to be said that the caravan of degeneracy has been raided by the bandits of social justice.

Some people have criticized these firings, however, saying that there hasn’t been a lot of evidence and surefire data indicating that the alleged perpetrators did what the claimants said they did. Nevertheless, when you live by the sword of Social Justice you also die by the sword of Social Justice

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