November 2017’s Games With Gold Has Nothing For Xbox One X Gamers
Games With Gold

The Xbox Live Games With Gold have been revealed, and it’s not pretty. Microsoft revealed that Trackmania Turbo, Tales From The Borderlands, Nights into Dreams and Deadfall Adventures for Xbox Live subscribers. If you were hoping for some sort of 4K-ready offering to help give your Xbox One X library some filling out like thick hips in a tight dress during the November roll out, your hopes are dashed.

The news slithered out in almost quiet fashion on the Xbox YouTube channel, with a brief minute and 40-second long video very quickly going over the games. You can check it out below.

At the beginning of the month there’s Trackmania Turbo and Nights Into Dreams. The first will be available for Xbox One owners while the second will be available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. During the middle of the month Xbox One owners can look forward to Tales From The Borderlands from Telltale Games starting November 15th, along with Deadfall Adventures for the Xbox 360.

Obviously gamers were not pleased with the paltry offerings at all, especially coming off so many great games Microsoft had offered to gamers in the past.

The half-and-half like/dislike ratio was followed by a collection of comments with gamers most readily not being happy about older scraggly games being tossed out like maggot-infected scraps to starving dogs in a dirty pen under a bridge.

Lo and behold, the comment section blowing up with disgruntled gamers tired of being treated like the consumer whores that they believe Microsoft sees them as, ended up resulting in apologists stepping forward to exclaim that the swollen lips from sucking down the corporate phalanx of neglect and mistrust wasn’t worth complaining about. In fact, the apologists told paid subscribers to stop complaining.

Of course, others weren’t so much concerned with the quality of the games but the particular choice given the upcoming release of the Xbox One X. Many felt Microsoft dropped the ball in not offering games with Xbox One X support for 4K.

It’s a fair complaint given that Microsoft is asking for $500 for a console that’s going to be severely outdated next year (much like how the Xbox One launched outdated for $500 back in 2013).

The least they could have done is make a 4K-ready free game available to entice people to upgrade to the 4K-ready system… right?

I guess Microsoft was more concerned with getting people to play busted up old Xbox 360 ports and Telltale games most people already played.


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