Open Discussion: October 1st, 2017

The first October Open Discussion has arrived and brings with it the usual content. This series on OAG is up for anyone to jot down anything that comes to mind whether it be about video games or another medium. As per usual, this Open Discussion, like many other pieces on this site, will not promote censorship.

If you are looking for a place to post up something that you may have found interesting, then the Open Discussion that appears every week on OAG might be for you. The Open Discussion series enables readers to participate in a topic or to start up their very own discussion by posting up whatever comes to mind.

If writing is your thing or you like to share information that seems pressing, the Open Discussion series is more than open for content like that. The whole point behind this series on OAG is to give you the reader the ability to post up anything related or unrelated to the subject that is being discussed, however each week the main subject changes.

Furthermore, like any other post on this very site, any comment will be approved and will not face any kind of censorship. If you happen to notice that a comment of yours has not appeared for other people to see, whether it was censored by WordPress or Disqus, let us know and we will try to get your comment back.

As for this week, the topic revolves around big companies and brand names. A lot of people say that games like Destiny and so on wouldn’t be as popular if an indie team made it as opposed to if a company like Activision and Bungie were behind it. In other words, do you believe that a popular game that is sub-par or considered trash by many, would retain the same success if it were made by a lessor known company?

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