Otaku’s Fantasy R18 Uncensored Patch Now Available For Download
Otaku's Fantasy Nude Mod

DieselMine and SakuraGame’s Otaku’s Fantasy is a ridiculously over-the-top comedic, sex-filled visual novel about an Otaku whose life changes suddenly when he gets a job working at an A.I., company. The description of the game gets kind of hazy here, but somehow people tend to view the main protagonist, an Otaku, as a “ladyboy” and then a bunch of chicks start throwing themselves at him.

As you can imagine, DieselMine’s game is filled to the brim with hardcore sex featuring lewdly designed, busty chicks with round rumps.

The sad part about it is that the game is thoroughly censored on Steam, covering up every single one of the naughty bits. Well, some gamers managed to track down the uncensored R18 patch to return Otaku’s Fantasy to its true glory. You can thank Steam users Mars.666 for providing the link for the patch.

If you want the patch you can download it from over on OpenLoad.co’s download page. Alternatively you can get the patch from the NSFW Eroge Download page.

Otaku's Fantasy

The 22.5MB file will contain all the necessary files, patched and primed to replace the current version of the game in your Steam folder. All you have to do is unzip the contents into the installation folder of Otaku’s Fantasy. If you don’t know where it’s located or have trouble finding it, just open up the Windows Start Menu and search for the game’s name in the search bar.

Now if you already own this raunchy Japanese visual novel, you probably already know about the horribly broken grammar and dialogue, and piss-poor translation. Obviously, of course, if you still have the game and have been enjoying it for more than two hours, it’s because you enjoy more than just the terrible dialogue.

With the uncensored R18 patch, it should make the game slightly more enticing for you.

If you don’t have a copy and are interested in the exploits of an Otaku’s fantasy, feel free to learn more (if you want to trudge through the Google Translate text) or pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store page for only $1.99.


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