Outcast: Second Contact Is A Single-Player Action-Adventure Game Coming Nov 14th

Bigben Interactive and Appeal released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi third-person action-adventure, single-player game Outcast: Second Conact. The trailer is very much a throwback to 1950’s B-movie sci-fi flicks, with the over-confident hero at the helm who is dropped into a strange world with weird creatures and dangers around every corner.

Coming off the claims from big publishers that single-player games are on the decline because they’re focused more on games-as-a-service instead of making fun, quality-made titles. Now this isn’t to say that Appeal’s game is a “quality-made” title, but it does look like they’re focused on making something fun and entertaining for gamers to play… you know, back when video games weren’t about politics and microtransactions.

Anyway, the new trailer for the game gives you a very brief rundown of the story and plenty of quick clips of the combat and adventuring. Check it out below.

Outcast: Second Contact obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously. It reminds me of the old third-person shooters we used to get frequently during sixth gen, games like Project Eden, Destroy All Humans and Conker.

Players take on the role of the macho Cutter Slade as he attempts to navigate a foreign planet after he wakes up without any of his equipment, separated from his crew, and obviously missing his ship.

As a Navy SEAL it’s up to Slade to cut through the bad guys and seal the deal as a survivalist and a champion for the indigenous people. This is classic hero fanfare for gamers who have longed to be able to play a game where you just kill things trying to kill you, and explore a gorgeous fantasy environment without having to worry about being preached down to by SJWs, political agenda-pushers, and agitprop social media mercenaries.

If you’re interested in the game you can look for it to roll out on the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store and on Steam for PC starting November 14th next month. For more information on this upcoming sci-fi third-person shooter, feel free to visit the official website.


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