Patreon Cracking Down On Fringe Adult Content Following Policy Update

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One way of weeding out wrong-think is by slowly restricting the freedoms of people and then finding out who is rebelling against those restrictions. That’s the gist of Patreon’s new Trust and Safety policy update, where they’ll be cracking down on what they call “fringe” adult content that creators are making and getting paid for by the community.

The policy update went live on October 17th, 2017, with the Patreon staff outlining how they would be addressing adult content moving forward, writing…

“Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of discussion among our Trust and Safety team about how we can better articulate how we evaluate certain areas of content. It became evident that we needed to outline a clearer stance on some fringe adult content. With today’s update, we’re also being more clear about specific categories of fictional erotic content that Patreon cannot be used to support (including incest, bestiality, sexual depiction of minors, and suggestive sexual violence).”

Patreon will first warn content creators if they’re in breach of the new Trust and Safety policies. They’re also putting together a new Creator Council that they deem as “respected free speech advocates”.

According to the post, they will be having further discussions about the role of the Creator Council and how to address conversations with creators…

“We’ve had some great conversations with a variety of experts and it’s clear there’s pent-up energy among creators for a conversation that’s thoughtful and unbiased. We look forward to making another announcement about this in the coming months.”

Some creators have expressed worry over these new policies, others are just leery and waiting to see how it all turns out.

Some of these worries mounted over another change that happened recently with YouTube, where YouTube didn’t want non-ad partners to use Patreon links in their outbound videos. Infowars correspondent Paul Joseph Watson claimed that YouTube was banning accounts that contained Patreon links.

Vice Waypoint countered by quoting a YouTube spokesperson who claimed that they were cracking down on channels that violated their policies by having outbound links that went to malicious or illegal websites…

“This update is meant to curb abuse and does not affect current YouTube partners or existing end cards,”

However, the change did mean that outbound Patreon links would only be available to link in the actual videos using the editing tools if you’re an advertiser partner with YouTube.

Some of these changes and restrictions have been criticized by content creators as steps to further censor content or curb the rise of non-corporate content creators. We’ve seen YouTube using similar methods to demonetize channels by putting them on a demonetization blacklist.

There have been some rumblings and concerns over how this might affect paid mods for games like Street Fighter or Dead or Alive, where modders create lewd or risque mods for their patrons. So far there haven’t been any major reports about those mods being pulled… yet.

[Update:] It appears KIA noted that some SFM content makers have been hit by the Trust and Safety Council, resulting in the pages being inaccessible until the review is complete and the content removed.

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