Press ‘X’ To Not Die, Horror-Comedy FMV Garners Positive Feedback On Steam
Press X Not to Die

All Seeing Eye Games had been working on their full-motion video, horror-comedy Press ‘X’ Not To Die for quite some time. The choose-your-own-adventure style game originally came onto the scene in a pretty impressive way a couple of years ago with some strong user feedback. They eventually put the game into Early Access and only just recently launched last weekend.

You can pick up Press ‘X’ Not To Die right now for only $2.99. However, during the first week of being on sale the game is discounted by 30% off, so you can get it for only $2.09.

The game is about a dude who wakes up one morning and finds out that the whole town has gone crazy. Zombies are on a rampage, killer clowns are trying to hack and slash him to pieces, and the only way to survive is to press ‘X’ not to die.

The game reminds me of a FMV version of No Time To Explain if it were a low-budget 1995 FMV horror-comedy. You can get the gist of the title via the launch trailer below.

Feedback has been very positive for Press ‘X’ Not To Die from the Steam community, and lead programmer at All Seeing Eye Games, Darren Joe, attributes this to the game getting fixed up nice and neat during Early Access by working with the community and garnering useful feedback. Joe mentions in the press release…

“We’ve had a great run in Early Access and are delighted that so many people have been amused by our ridiculous little creation. We’ve been hard at work fixing issues, adding content, and generally improving Press X To Not Die, and we can’t wait to unleash it into the wild.”

The game sports 35 minutes worth of HD FMV footage, but there’s also a 1994 mode where you can make it look like a fuzzy Sega CD title. There are 29 different unique ways to die, multiple choices, and even Steam leaderboard support.

Out of the 1,143 reviews logged, the majority are positive, giving the game a thumbs up for being “silly fun”and one the “stupidest” games that they’ve played.

Press ‘X’ Not To Die also isn’t afraid of taking potshots at the QTE culture in gaming, having a bit of fun at its own expense.

You can learn more about it by checking out the Steam store page.


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