Punch Planet Heads Into Early Access On November 8th

Punch Planet

Sector-K Games released a new trailer for their upcoming futuristic fighting game, Punch Planet. The trailer was accompanied by an update on the Steam store page indicating that the 2D fighting game would officially enter into Early Access starting November 8th.

The trailer features a minute and a half worth of gameplay where we get introduced to four of the eight characters that will be available in Punch Planet, including Cid, Roy, Tyara and Dog. The Early Access run will also feature three stages to play across and both a local and online mode for you to utilize. You can check out the trailer below.

One thing worth noting right off the bat is that Tyara has jiggle physics for her skin-tight leotard. So unlike Nexon and Cwavesoft who decided to censor their sexy ladies in Hyper Universe by reducing the cleavage and removing the boob physics, it appears Sector-K Games recognizes who their potential market demographic will be and decided to go all in on that.

Punch Planet isn’t just about pugilists doing battle, though. There’s an actual story mode following Roy being framed and attempting to clear his name while fighting against some of the characters depicted in the trailer.

Throughout the course of the Early Access run the developers will be adding in story content, additional modes, and finalizing all eight characters. They hope to have Punch Planet primed and ready to graduate from Early Access before the end of 2018 next year.

As far as the fighting is concerned… the game looks good. I was expecting a Flash-style game, but the animations and combos look clean. I like the transitions into the technicals, the back-and-forth between mixing and matching physical attacks with projectiles, and being able to juggles off the walls.

This could shape up to be the Eternal Champions of eighth-gen gaming.

You can learn more about Punch Planet by visiting the Steam store page or by visiting the official website.