Replicas Trailer Takes A High-End Concept And Puts It In A Low-End Package
Replicas Movie - Keanu Reeves

The new trailer for Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve’s Replicas centers around Keanu as a scientist attempting to replicate his dead family.

Somehow Keanu’s wife and three kids all died in the crash but he made it out unscathed. Not content to live life without them, he attempts to use some high-end technology to revive them through some sort of cloning process. Things inevitably don’t go entirely as planned and so he attempts to keep staving off his family’s death by bending every rule of law and science that he can. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

The trailer both shows too much and explains very little, all within the span of just two and a half minutes.

It’s an impressive feat that they managed to setup a story and at the same time make so little sense of what it is we’re supposed to care about.

The marketing is already off the wrong foot. The trailer does a poor job of explaining Keanu’s character (i.e., is he a mad scientist? A grief stricken husband and father? Is something more sinister afoot?). There’s a lot of small clips of some poorly animated 3D robot in a chair – they don’t really seem to make it clear what the robot’s purpose is or why it goes haywire later in the trailer. We do see the police getting involved, and some other form of authority figures stepping in, but we’re not really sure why.

The trailer seems to be based around a high-concept idea that takes the low-road to getting the message across. The trailer also feels like it’s trying to package a layered film into a rather low-end offering, and it feels more messy than intriguing.

Hopefully the trailer is a lie and the actual movie turns out to be a lot better than the two and a half minute mess posted above.


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