Robert Scoble Resigns From Transformation Group Following Multiple Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Robert Scoble Fired

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has continued to pay dividends for outing alleged sex pests across the entertainment and technology industry. The latest guru caught in the cross hairs of the social justice sniper rifle is tech guru Robert Scoble. The tech consultant recently had to resign from the Transformation Group amid multiple counts of sexual harassment and misconduct.

USA Today is reporting that Scoble has apologized for his behavior after multiple women came forward with allegations about his behavior. Scoble told USA Today…

“I did some things that are really, really hurtful to the women and I feel ashamed by that,” […] “I have taken many steps to try to get better because I knew some of this was potentially going to come out.”

According to one of the allegations, Scoble was drunk at a conference back in 2010 and groped a colleague during a tech start-up conference. The alleged victim claimed that Scoble – with drinks in hand – took a seat next to her and then, without warning, began to touch her legs.

Scoble apparently had been touching multiple women and decided to enter rehab to treat his alcohol vice.

The real significance of this story is that Scoble was one of the many prominent voices back in 2016 leading up to the general elections calling for Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the Facebook heads to fire Palmer Luckey, the then front man for the Oculus division. Journalist Nick Monroe spotted the Facebook post from September 24th, 2016 made by Scoble, who wrote…

“Why Mark Zuckerberg should fire Palmer Freeman Luckey. Because he was playing on Reddit pissing off many in the community instead of doing his job.


“[…] Facebook is being beaten in VR and out positioned by others in AR. Which is nuts because you spent billions to get Oculus.


“Zuck this should concern you because so much of Facebook’s future lies on VR and AR. Luckey hasn’t done a good job for you. Get rid of him and get some management that understands how important this market is.”

Palmer Luckey was later ousted from Oculus back in March of this year following a massive smear campaign from the media. Later on UploadVR conceded that Luckey was given unfair treatment by the media leading up to him leaving the company.

The tables have now turned, only this time Scoble is paying the penance deemed fitting by the social justice arbiters.