RTS Builder Lets You Create And Design Your Own RTS Games
RTS Builder

Alien Invader Studio is currently working on a new project called the RTS Builder. The software will enable gamers to create and play their very own real-time strategy games, similar to design tools like Klick ‘n Play or GameMaker or RPG Maker.

Developer Kujel Selsuru has a 10 minute video from last year explaining exactly how the RTS Builder works and what sort of strategy games you can hope to make with it. You can check it out below.

As showcased in the video, the editor is a lo-fi tool that allows you to quickly build a game. The design is reminiscent of old DOS toolsets, similar to the node editors and vector mappers from back in the early 1990s.

The RTS Builder allows you to build classic-style RTS titles using sprites. You can also use PCM wave files, MP3s and other assets as well.

Additionally, you can create your own units for the game, allowing you to name your unit, the action list, the damage types, and loads of other variables, including unit speed, sounds, cost, hit points, and the number of frames it uses.

You can select from five different unit types, ranging from ground-based units to air based units to harvesters to healers.

You can also choose your building types from four different types, along with prerequisites for the buildings, and the amount of damage it can withstand.

You can also modify the maps, add in missions for the maps, and designate what type of mission you want in the game, from survival to economic, from killing all the enemies to skirmishes.

The RTS Builder is designed so that you can create your own factions, setup your own worlds, and essentially create your own lore, complete with some hardcore, real-time strategy at the heart of it.

Obviously this isn’t as complex a tool as say RPG Maker Fes, but if you were just starting out in game design and you want to dabble with creating a simple RTS title, you can grab the RTS Builder for free from over on the Dropbox download page.

Additionally, you can learn more about Alien Invader Studio by visiting the Facebook page.


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