Rupert Myers, Anti-GamerGate And British GQ Journalist Fired For Sexual Misconduct

Rupert Myers GamerGate Fired

Rupert Myers, an ally of the male feminist movement, an anti-#GamerGate critic, and a former freelance journalist for the British version of GQ Magazine was fired on October 19th, 2017 after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced from another female journalist. Rupert Myers, a graduate from Cambridge University, is also a contributing journalist for The Telegraph, The Guardian, and Spectator.

Kotaku In Action’s B-Volleyball-Ready chronicles the fall to damnation from Myers that starts with an admission of being a sexual harassment victim from journalist, Kate Leaver. She expressed across a number of tweets the event that took place involving Rupert Myers, writing…

“Ok, here goes. I haven’t told this story because I listened to the voice that told me it “wasn’t that bad” or “worth talking about”…When I moved to London, I wanted to make friends. I met [Rupert Myers] on Twitter and agreed to go for what I thought was a friendly drink.


“I was very clear about not being romantically or sexually interested in him, once the subject was raised. I suggested we be mates. He said “I’ve got enough mates, I’d rather fuck you” and forced himself on me outside a pub in Fitzrovia.”

In response, Rupert Myers quietly sent Leaver an apology via a direct message. The GQ journalist then proceeded to delete his entire Twitter account before evidence and archives could be made of his comments [and possibly transgressions].

Leaver was unimpressed with this turn of events, and posted Rupert’s apology online with a few follow-up comments…

Leaver then wrote…

“Now I’m hearing that this sort of thing is his MO, that he has sexually harrssed many women and that his behaviour is an open secret. All of a sudden, my experience takes on a new weight. He has apologized today, for his “sub-optimal” behaviour. It is not enough.

“I have just received an “I’m sorry Kate” by DM, which is also not enough. The apology is weak, and only inspired by public humiliation and fear of consequence. This is a Weinstein microcosm. Anyone else who has been harassed by this man, or any other, I stand by you. Over and out.”

The fear of consequence was prescient of events to come, as shortly thereafter GQ sent statements to inquiring journalists that Rupert Myers had been fired.

If you’re unable to read the message, it states…

“Having been made aware of some allegations against Rupert Myers, British GQ can confirm that it has terminated its freelance agreement with him, with immediate effect. He is no longer GQ’s Political Correspondent”

As is the usual case with this situation, gamers were quick to find out if Myers was a male feminist ally or anti-#GamerGate critic. It turns out he was both.

You can search Twitter to find out that Myers was previously involved in plenty of conversations about #GamerGate, but his comments have been deleted with his account but those he was tagged in conversations with regarding the topic are still available for viewing.

Additionally, Myers had penned an article on August 31st, 2016 denigrating Milo Yiannopoulos and #GamerGate, calling supporters of the movement for better ethics in journalism “basement dwellers”….

“Today [Milo] claims to be a champion for gamers upset at women becoming involved in computer games, having seen the huge opportunity for fame presented by the #gamergate movement. The basement-dwellers needed an articulate, savvy voice to dress their misogyny up in something akin to intellectual respectability, and Milo gave them that chance.”

Myers was also a typical male feminist ally, penning a piece against Men’s Rights Activists on December 21st, 2016 titled “Men’s Rights Activists Are Cave Dwelling Idiots”, rounding out the piece with the following statements…

“The deniers of feminism’s core argument – that women are given a raw deal – are standing on a flat earth. Men have been able to assert their physical dominance over women, more able to kill and suppress them. That’s led to centuries of inequality and oppression, but slowly, the arc is bending towards justice. Only a cave dweller, intimidated by the concept of equality, would see that as a bad thing.”

More Anti-#GamerGate Critics And Male Feminists Outed

Myers joins many other male feminists and anti-#GamerGate critics and journalists who have also been outed and fired for sexual misconduct in recent times. In fact, they’ve been getting fired and outed once #GamerGate died down, since many seemed to be using their criticisms of the hashtag as a way to mask their own misdeeds, which is what Devin Faraci ascribed to until he was outed and fired.

Vice and The Guardian journalist, Sam Kriss, was also recently fired for sexual assault allegations. Kriss was also an avid anti-#GamerGate critic. Matt Hickey, a former Forbes journalist, was also arrested, charged, and sued for multiple accounts of rape… and he was also an avid anti-#GamerGate critic.

Other male feminists and anti-#GamerGate critics like Joss Whedon were also outed, along with Honest Trailer creator Andy Signore, the latter of which was fired for sexual misconduct.

The list of male feminists and anti-#GamerGate critics who stood against the consumer revolt that attempted to bring back ethics in journalism are proving that they are the very individuals that #GamerGate wanted out of the media industry due to their penchant for being corrupt.

So far The Telegraph and The Guardian have not stated what will become of Myers’ employ at their outlets. We’ll update the story when more information is made available.

[Update:] The Spoon’s co-editor Jane Merrick has announced that Rupert Myers has been fired from the outlet.

[Update 10/20/2017:] The think tank where Rupert Myers contributed his legal expertise has also distanced themselves from the now disgraced journalist. Legal Cheek is reporting…

“The alleged behaviour is clearly unacceptable and wrong. Bright Blue is reviewing Rupert Myers’ long-term relationship with us, but in the meantime he is not an associate fellow of the organisation.”

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