Saku Saku: Love Blooms With The Cherry Blossoms Romance VN Launches On Steam
Saku Saku

Palette’s Saku Saku: Love Blooms With The Cherry Blossoms is a romantic visual novel set during the spring and summer. It’s a pseudo follow-up to Palette’s other romantic visual novel, Mashiro Iro Symphony, which took place during the fall and winter.

The visual novel follows to characters, a young girl who cannot fall in love, and a young boy who has no interest in love. The theme around the visual novel centers on how the world would change if these two did fall in love? Yes, it’s another sappy romance VN.

On the upside, however, Sekai Project seems keen on publishing visual novels with extremely striking art-styles. The crisp lines and over-the-top kawaii characters will likely find its way into the auspices of most visual novel aficionados. It’s hard not to take notice of the visuals given how much they stand out. In fact, you can take a gander for yourself with the intro cinematic below.

The theme of the story centers around Yuma, who is a love expert who has become disgusted with the concept of love, and a fairy of love who has never fallen in love but takes on the task of helping Yuma find his true love.

The visual novel features fully voiced Japanese dialogue, character designs by Izumi Tsubasu, and multiple routes with multiple endings depending on the choices you make.

Of course, the only thing the forum goers were concerned about was the uncensored nude patch for the full H-scenes.

Gamers have been reminded that the uncensored version of Saku Saku will be available on Denpasoft in all its entirety.

Additionally, don’t be surprised to see an uncensored patch make its way onto the Steam forums after gamers take it apart and fiddle around with the insides, as is common with most visual novels that appear on Steam.

If you don’t mind the censored version, you can pick it up right now over on the Steam store for $19.99. Alternatively you can wait for the uncensored version to launch or for the patch to arrive before diving in.

Update: There’s an uncensored patch available for Saku Saku: Love Blooms With The Cherry Blossoms by downloading it from The unofficial uncensored patch was made available courtesy of Doddler. Simply download the patch and unzip the contents into the game folder.


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