Sakura Gamer And Kunoichi Rush Arrive Uncensored On Nutaku
Sakura Gamer

If you need to refill your queue of uncensored visual novels for your pastime of looking at hot manga chicks in lewd poses while they’re surrounded by mildly entertaining stories, then you’ll be pleased to know that two more uncensored games have arrived on Nutaku.

Winged Cloud’s Sakura Gamer is available on Nutaku right now for $10, but there’s a 10% discount for the first week of availability so you can get it for only $9.00 instead of $10. You can download the game from over on the Nutaku store page.

Sakura Gamer is about a young computer technician named Nekohime who has always dreamed of being a game developer. However, time and fortune have not been in her favor, just until a long-time friend steps back into her life and introduces her to the promiscuous and outgoing vixen named Suki. Nekohime, Clover, and Suki attempt to make their dream game, and Nekohime may even fall in love in the process.

Winged Cloud’s high-quality visual novel sports a DRM-free adventure with fully uncensored hentai scenes, along with alternate routes and endings depending on the choices you make for Nekohime.

Kunoichi Rush

The second game in Nutaku’s line-up is Kunoichi Rush. The hack-and-slash platformer is a fast-paced action title that steers clear of the traditional browser-based games or visual novels that Nutaku is known for.

Kunoichi Rush is about a young ninja (or kunoichi) named Lily who must stop a demon cult in the world of Zaar after they stole a magical orb from her clan. The game centers around skill-based platforming and quick-reflexes designed to appeal to speed-runners.

Of course, you’re probably wondering why this game would be on Nutaku if the whole thing basically seems like a traditional platformer? Well, Lily ends up in some precarious situations that delve into all sorts of naughty kink.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game for $10 from over on the Nutaku store page.


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