School Girl/Zombie Hunter Set To Release On PS4 November 17th
School Girl Zombie Hunter

Aksys Games and Tamsoft’s School Girl/Zombie Hunter is set to make its debut in North America for the PlayStation 4 this fall starting November 17th. The budget-priced action-shooter set within a Japanese school that becomes overrun with zombies will only cost $39.99 when it becomes available.

Aksys announced in a press release that School Girl/Zombie Hunter will be available both physically and digitally, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It’s a shame that it’s not being released on Steam because I can easily imagine this game becoming quite popular with the modders. Then again, it’s a little tough selling a whole bunch of DLC to some gamers when mods are possible. But then again that hasn’t stopped gamers from giving Capcom money for Street Fighter V DLC, nor has mods stopped gamers from giving Team Ninja money for all those outfits in Dead or Alive 5.

Anyway, Tamsoft takes a stark departure from their curvy ninja girls in sexy outfits featured in Senran Kagura to focus more on the apocalyptic setting of zombies overrunning Japanese urban society.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter is actually set within the over-the-top Onechanbara series. The game itself features five main characters trapped in the Kirisaku High School, where the students must survive against the flesh-eating, ravenous hordes of the undead.

In order to get out of the situation, the five students take up arms and use whatever they can get their hands on in order to kill, shoot, crush, and blast the zombies to pieces who get in their way.

Players will also be able to use explosive devices, traps, and all sorts of other gadgets to help aid in the survival at the high school.

And in typical Tamsoft fashion, fashion plays a role in the gameplay. Players will be able disrobe and leave their clothing behind in order to lure enemies into a trap or confuse them into thinking you’re at a location when you’re really somewhere else. Zombies also seem to have a strong fetish for Japanese high school girls’ panties. They must be Otaku zombies.

The game also supports five player co-op via online play, along with a plethora of offline modes for single-player, including time attack, base defense, boss rush, and annihilation.

You can currently pre-order the game from GameStop or learn more by visiting the official Aksys Games website.


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