Seattle4Truth Allegedly Murdered His Father For Being A “Leftist Pedophile”

Quantum physics theorist, conspiracy theorist, and YouTube content creator going by the handle of Seattle4Truth, real name Lane Maurice Davis, has been charged for first degree murder in a Skagit County court located in the state of Washington.

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong spotted the news from a post over on the regional news website, Go Skagit, which detailed the incident.

According to the website’s report, Davis was at his parent’s house in July, 2017 (which was around the time when his YouTube channel was last updated) and was embroiled in an argument with them about being “leftists” and “pedophiles”. Audio recordings feature Davis threatening to kill his father multiple times. By the time police arrived, Davis’ father had been stabbed to death. The reason as to why Davis stated that his parents were “leftists pedophiles” was not clarified.

Lane Davis pleaded not-guilty to first-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bail. The story was originally published back in August, but is only just now being brought to the forefront of social media attention after diggers made the connection between Davis and the murder in Skagit. Some followers also probably noticed a lack of content from Davis on his YouTube channel for the last couple of months.

A lot of other people have been asking who is Lane Davis? And why did Cheong tweet out about the murder?

Well, it turns out that Lane Davis, also known by his online handle of Seattle4Truth, first gained a foothold in the online realm with papers about quantum physics many years ago, with a paper written by Davis called “Quantum Cold-Case Mysteries Revisited” being published by The General Science Journal back in 2010.

Davis’ penchant for examining complex theories took a different turn in 2014 when he stopped focusing on quantum physics and turned his attention to #GamerGate.

Davis started a Patreon account in hopes of gaining financial support while investigating the ties between some of the individuals involved in #Gamergtae and the common core sector.

Lane Davis also had various Twitter accounts, one of which he abandoned back in 2010 called Seattle4Truth, where he notes that he’s a conspiracy theorist. His newer Twitter account was suspended after reports of abuse were levied at the account.

Before the suspension, Davis had been becoming increasingly hostile toward those considered Pro-#GamerGate. He began affiliating with a group known as GG Revolt, and trolls known as the Ayyteam. Eventually people began associating Seattle4Truth with drama and controversy, despite his YouTube channel steadily growing during that time. He even managed to contribute to Ethan Ralph’s The Ralph Retort.

In an attempt to get onto a panel at the SPJ Airplay event that #GamerGate was funding, Davis publicly renounced #GamerGate and stated that he was instead “defecting” to anti-#GamerGate, as chronicled in an old thread on Kotaku in Action. Davis then wrote a letter to the SPJ Airplay committee asking to be considered as an anti-#GamerGate panelists.

For those of you who can’t read the message, it states…

“My name is Lane Davis and I have been involved in #GamerGate since October. Initially, I was pro-GG, but after I released a documentary on the subject I realized the claim that GG is about Journalistic Ethics is false.


“I can personally speak on the harassment from GG, as I was smeared, slandered, lied about, and doxxed. I know how ruthless they can be to anyone they despise, even if it is people who were fighting for their cause.


“Coincidentally, I left GamerGate and no longer support the movement. I look forward to the opportunity to challenge the pro panel about the claim that GamerGate is “about ethics in games journalism”.

Davis is correct that he was doxxed. There’s an archive that was captured on July 4th, 2016 of an old GG Revolt thread containing Lane Davis’ home address, which matches up with the information provided in the report from Go Skagit.

Lane Davis, AKA Seattle4Truth, found no friends in the regular #GamerGate circles, and his content was regularly downvoted or filtered if it was posted or mentioned on places like Kotaku in Action or the 8chan #GamerGate threads. He was also banned from Kotaku in Action back in 2015.

Some readers reached out concerned that the story about Davis allegedly killing his father would be portrayed by mainstream media as #GamerGate being involved in the alleged murder.


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