Skyfront VR Is A Zero-G PvP Arena Game Hoping To Fix VR Motion Sickness
Skyfront VR

Levity Play wants to fix the whole stigma surrounding motion sickness and nausea in virtual reality titles. They’re aiming to do so through a sub-genre that’s typically associated with motion sickness: multiplayer FPS arena games.

Levity Play’s Skyfront VR is not only a multiplayer FPS arena game but it also utilizes motion-based locomotion. You use your hands to traverse through the zero-g arena maps, blasting down other players while utilizing collision dampening when approaching surfaces. The selling point is that it features 1:1 reads on the motion controls so you won’t have to worry about getting sick while you play.

There’s a demonstration of the gameplay with a trailer that you can check out below.

Gameplay wise the game looks pretty floaty. But it’s obvious to see where having the movement linked with the player’s arms means that it’ll always feel like you’re flying, which can most certainly ease the feeling of discomfort from games where you’re walking along the ground.

The game is set among floating isles in the cloud, and during the Early Access launch the game will include Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, along with five different weapons, five special abilities, a practice mode featuring bots, and two battle arenas.

The full game will feature five game modes, around six different maps, 20 different weapons, character customization, and the ability to play against other players or the AI.

I don’t know if the game does enough to stand out among all the other shooters. At least I have to give props to Levity Play for attempting to try something new with the locomotion factor, but the gameplay seems a little shallow right now, making it difficult to get too excited.

Anyway, you can look for Skyfront VR to enter into Early Access on November 10th for the HTC Vive and Oculus over on the Steam store page.


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