Sonic 2 HD Demo 2.0 Download Now Available
Sonic 2 HD Demo

Curious what the new Sonic 2 HD remake is like being put together by the community? Well, there’s now a playable demo available of the Sonic 2 HD remake that you can grab right now by visiting the official Sonic 2 HD website.

The recommended system requirements for Sonic 2 HD are listed below:

OS Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64bit
CPU Intel Core i5 2500
GeForce GTX 650 1GB
400MB of disk space

The requirements are extremely old-school, so if you have a PC from a decade ago you’re likely still good to have a go at the demo.

The Sonic 2 HD project completely overhauls the classic 16-bit Sega Genesis side-scroller and turns it into a high-definition experience.

The demo allows you play as Sonic and Tails in the 2.0 demo, or you can play as either Sonic or just as Tails if you want.

You have three levels that are included in the demo. You can play Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone and Hill Top Zone.

These three stages showcase what the team is attempting to accomplish with the HD remake.

If you’re curious what the three stages look like before you commit to a download and fill up a few hundred megabytes of your hard drive space, you can check out a 20 minute Let’s Play from cobanermani456.

The team working on the project have not only completely overhauled the graphics, but as you can hear from the video the music has been completely overhauled.

The music sounds about as good as Sonic Mania’s soundtrack.

The real highlight is that Sonic 2 HD has some outstanding visuals. The HD sprites and characters really pop.

The animations and frame-rate are the most impressive part. Sometimes games that get an HD overhaul lose some of the input smoothness in the process. In this case, Sonic 2 HD looks like it retains the gameplay integrity and quality from the Genesis, but with all the upgraded trinkets and whistles afforded by today’s new gen tech.

You can download the demo for Sonic 2 HD right now.


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