South Park: The Fractured But Whole Gameplay Walkthrough
South Park Fractured But Whole Walkthrough

Ubisoft Osaka, Massive Entertainment, South Park Digital Studios, and Ubisoft San Francisco’s South Park: The Fractured But Whole has finally become available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, after years of waiting. For gamers interested in the title or need a little help with some of the gameplay, there’s a walkthrough guide available.

There’s a full playlist available of the game courtesy of MKIceAndFire. The first thing you need to do is create your character. You can choose your hair, skin color, hands, and facial hair. You’ll then need to learn how to push a turd out of your butt. You’ll need to focus the power of your cheeks by using the left and right analog stick, and then utilize the power of your stomach muscles with the right trigger. Once you’re done just follow the button prompts to finish off that sucker and break that bad boy into the toilet bowel.

South Park TFBW - Booty Powers

You can take a dump in every toilet you encounter in the game to earn experience and raise your bowel game.

The next thing you’ll need to do is grab your gear and equip your stuff. You can grab some gear from around the house, but your armor and weapons will be located in the chest inside your room. Get all the stuff.

Next up, you’ll need to learn how to fight. Use Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to punch open boxes. To open other cabinets just use the ‘X’ button on the DualShock or ‘A’ button on the Xbox controller to open drawers and cabinets.

Also, you’ll need to learn how to fight, as indicated in the video below.

After you defeat the goons and the dragon during the tutorial, you’ll need to go into Cartman’s house. First you’ll need to get the password for the basement door. You’ll find it inside Cartman’s journal located within his room. The password is “Fuckyoumom”.

Once you get down into the basement you’ll need to find the Stafernisy Device. Use the left trigger to use the examination tool – the Stafernisy Device is located in the small cardboard tent located on the left side of the basement.

You’ll then be able to choose your character class, from a Brutalist, a Blaster, and a Speedster.

Speedsters have a series of physical-based speedy attacks, mostly relying on close quarters combat. However, Speedsters gain some healing abilities and can use stealth attacks to get around the battlefield while minimizing the amount of damage they take.

Brutalists rely on brute-force attacks, and are also close-range specialists. If you’re into testing your mettle with hard-hitting physical attacks then the Brutalist should be your starting choice.

The Blaster has a series of long-range attacks, especially with the ability to hit multiple targets on a single lane. So if you prefer keeping a distance you can use the Blaster to take out targets at a distance.

The very first mission is the Coonstagram mission, you first have to get a selfie with the old lady out in front of Cartman’s house. Just interact with her to request a selfie.

You’ll also have to get a selfie with the mailman, and then proceed to get a selfie wit hthe mailman. You can also go into the house at the edge of the block and get a few crafting supplies and costume parts from the chest in the bedroom.

Back outside, you’ll also need to get selfies with the kids along the block in order to get them to follow you on Coonstagram.

South Park TFBW - Human Kite 2

You’ll unlock your first buddy by going to Kyle’s house – you can also unlock a side-mission where Randy will want you to find out who is scratching up his car.

Complete Kyle’s mission by defeating the Human Kite 2 and you will unlock him as a combat buddy. You can also get a selfie with Kyle.

You can also gain combat advantages before you enter into a battle by farting on enemies and then punching them when they’re grossed out. You can help Peter Mullen by defeating a sixth grader using the farting technique to gain a pre-combat advantage. If help Peter you can get a selfie with him.

Inside the house both the parents will only take a selfie with you if you help out Jimmy first.

Inside the Goth’s house they’ll have a mission for you involving finding a tome so they can complete their ritual.

Next door, you’ll find Super Craig, but he won’t join you until you find Super Craig’s gay pet hamster, Stripe. Get the pop caps from within the basement and use them to throw it at the vent to free the hamster and then follow it around the basement until it goes near the vent. Use a fart to bring it out of the vent. Completing the mission will also unlock Super Craig for a selfie and as a combat buddy for future missions.

South Park TFBW - Yaoi

Craig’s dad is into boy-love manga art. You can pick up the scavenging mission known as The Yaoi Project.

▪ You’ll find one of the Yaoi pictures in the thin building next to the D…Mobile store. The picture is on the second floor just behind the stairs.

▪ Another one of the Yaoi pictures is in the office next to the Unplanned Parenthood store on the side of one of the desks.

▪ Another Yaoi picture is located inside Tom’s Rhinoplasty in the doctor’s office on the wall.

▪ You’ll also find a Yaoi picture on the bulletin board outside of City Hall, along with another Yaoi picture inside the Mayor’s office on the left side of the wall.

▪ A Yaoi poster is located just outside the stall inside the bathroom of Freeman’s Tacos.

Completing Craig’s mission will earn you enough followers on Coonstagram to unlock a new mission from Cartman. He’ll introduce you to artifacts.


Artifacts work a lot like relics from games like Final Fantasy. They’ll give you special bonuses that you can use to buff your stats.

You’ll also learn about defensive properties during combat – you can use blocks and shields to avoid taking massive amounts of damage.

You can also buy recipes and new artifacts from the D…Mobile store.

South Park TFBW - D Mobile Shop

Additionally, if you’re heavy into crafting you can pick up some supplies from the cell phone store so you can craft the gear you need.

You can also purchase a few components from the Unplanned Parenthood shop as well.

Head to Raisins and complete the Mosquito quest so you can unlock your Kryptonite. You’ll be able to choose between Crabs, Old People, Vampires, Sixth Graders, Crazy People, or Raisin Girls.

South Park TFBW - Priest

Head to the pedo-priest party at the church to fight off the Podesta-inspired pederasts.

Keep in mind that during this fight you won’t have three of your buddies to help you out so you’ll have to manage on your own. You’ll unlock your first summon via the Macaroni Picture once you defeat the two pedo-priests.

You’ll also be able to get a selfie photo with the priest.

Just outside the church you’ll also find the first fast-travel point to the left of the cemetery.

Now if you want to confuse your character, simply head to the South Park Elementary and talk to the school counselor to determine if you want to be a boy or a girl or cis or trans.

South Park TFBW - Cis or Trans

This will go on your character sheet profile.

Once you get done assigning your identity, head outside to fight some rednecks who won’t take kindly to your kind.

Finish defeating the red necks and unlock the next fast past to gain Fast Past as a teammate.

Cartman will want a taco. Head to Morgan Freeman’s Tacos.

Freeman will teach you how to combine food using recipes. Once you complete the segment you will also unlock some additional recipes.

Crafting food is useful because you can use items during combat to help aid you. Food in particular can restore a small amount (or a large amount) of HP.

South Park TFBW - Morgan Freeman

Completing the crafting quest will enable you to also snap a selfie with Morgan Freeman. You can also earn some experience by pooping in the toilet stall. Go drop a deuce. There’s also a Yaoi poster on the stall just outside so you can appreciate some boy love while you axe the chocolate log from the woodcutter in your butt.

Head back to Cartman’s place and you’ll be able to dual-class your character. The new options include Psychic, Cyborg, and Elementalist.

Psychics can use abilities that span multiple spaces on the ground. They also rely mostly on barriers and debuffs, where they can charm enemies. Additionally Psychic classes can also heal multiple teammates across the grid.

Cyborgs have both long-range attacks and enemy debuffs as well. The abilities can span for multiple space units as well, if you need long range attacks.


Elementalists have the ability to utilize crowd-control against multiple enemies. Their attacks also allow for chilling enemies with freeze DOTs.


Your new dual class abilities can work alongside your current class powers, but you can only have four powers active per battle, so you’ll need to swap in and swap out powers as you see fit. If you want to alter your character class you can return to the Coon’s lair and sit in the chair to swap classes.

After you defeat Timmy’s friends, the Mayor will want to speak with you at City Hall and give you a mission to find the baddies trying to ruin her term.

Back at the Coon Lair you’ll have to find the stripper with the dick tattoo at the strip club. If you return home you can visit your chest to unlock some new attire. Eat your dinner, go to your room and then escape the house.

When you leave the house Captain Diabetes will join your team. You’ll also be able to complete Randy’s side-mission since it will finally be at night and you can track down the villain ruining his car.


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