Space Simulator Set To Hit Steam Early Access On December 21st

Space Simulator is an original indie game that was voted through the now dead Steam Greenlight. The game’s graphics are nothing to write home about, but if you like technical space-like games about rockets, publisher Brixton Dynamics and developer Stuka Games has an upcoming PC game for you.

A lot of Steam Greenlight games no longer have the proper support or reach that they used to have now that the official Greenlight page has died. This means that people who started a small indie project no longer have the widespread appeal as they once had through the Greenlight update page that displayed Greenlit games and their progress leading up to release.

The only way to know how far an old Greenlight game has come along is to stalk its official website/social media page or receive an update that its Steam Early Access page is up, much like Stuka Games’ Space Simulator.

As of now, though, the devs have stuck around with Space Simulator and even created a proprietary physics engine for the rocket space sim.

In addition to the above, the devs even went out of their way to create a coherent and “accurately sized solar system” that runs on real physics.

Staying on the subject of detail, Space Simulator features fully fleshed out cockpits that come with comprehensive Multi Functional Displays reporting on every aspect of a flight and the corresponding data.

If that wasn’t enough, the devs even went even further to include the Apollo modules that sport the Apollo Guidance Computer and DSKY running actual 1960’s code.

The graphics are pretty ugly, but that’s due to the game having mobile roots. However, the amount of detail and imagery/altitude data displaying terrain that can be traced from NASA, should give folks a precise understanding on being able to see what’s what — even if you can’t distinguish all of the details on certain textures.

Gameplay of Space Simulator can be seen below thanks to Space Simulator Mobile.

At launch gamers can expect to find the following content available via the first build:

“The first build will include/feature the entire Apollo 8 Mission, with full SpaceCraft functionality, all working control, detailed missions, historically accurate facts ,etc.”

More information on this game can be found over on space-simulator or Steam Early Access.


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