Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Walkthrough
Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey is now out and available for the Nintendo Switch. For gamers looking for a walkthrough of Super Mario Odyssey, there’s a complete 100% completion playthrough of the game.

YouTuber AbdallaSmash026 has a massive playlist available for the Nintendo Switch exclusive, covering each of the kingdoms, all of the power moon locations, and the basic control scheme. You can check out the video playlist below for the Super Mario Odyssey gameplay walkthrough.

Super Mario Odyssey Basics

Abdalla explains that you’ll need a lot of coins in Super Mario Odyssey if you want some of the high-end end-game gear, which will cost you about 10,000 coins.

Your first task after acquiring Cappy is to climb the tower, Ubisoft-style.

Head into the tower and use Cappy to possess the frog so you can jump up the platform.

You can use the left analog and the ‘Y’ button to dash as a frog or hold down ‘B’ to do a high jump. If you use the motion shake on the Switch controllers (either Joy-Con or Pro Controller) you can perform special moves.

As explained in the video, you no longer will rely on getting coins to restore your health like in Super Mario 64, instead you will need to collect hearts to restore Mario’s health. Mario only has three health bars and when they run out he dies. Every time Mario dies he loses 10 coins. You can also acquire a super heart to increase your hearts to six instead of three.

Also, Abdalla suggests going into the options menu and going into the controls setting. Go to the very bottom and activate the up on the digital pad to open up the map. It makes it convenient.

Super Mario Odyssey - Broodals

Make your way to the top of the tower and fight the very first boss. The boss fight is pretty simple. Throw the hat toward the rabbit and stun him. While he’s stunned just jump on his head to bop him.

He will then turn into three hats. Simply bop the hats or throw Cappy at the spinning hats until you uncover the rabbit. Rinse and repeat hitting the rabbit until he’s vanquished. That’s it.

Cascade Kingdom Walkthrough

At the beginning, throw Cappy on the Chain Chomp and use the wind up to break the rock to break it open and acquire the Power Moon.

Go up the ramp Cappy will instruct Mario to use the power moon to fill up the the sail on the airship after Mario throws Cappy on the globe.

After the short cinematic plays, go up the platforms and use the Chain Chomp to break through the wall to get the next side. You can also go to the top of the mountain and capture the T-Rex to destroy all the stuff around the map.

Use the T-Rex to chomp through the rocks to the left of the Chain Chomps and you can acquire a power moon.

Use the T-Rex to continue on up and and break the rock face to reveal an 8-bit Super Mario segment.

Abdalla also informs viewers to keep an eye out for 8-bit images on the walls, tucked away and hidden inside the levels. Acquiring the 8-bit images will give you some bonus items.

Proceed into the 8-bit green pipe to complete the 2D platforming segment and acquire a hidden power moon behind the waterfull.

Super Mario Odyssey - 8-Bit Mario

Once you reach the top of the platform, capture the Chain Chomp and break through the wall to reach the Broodal boss, which is Super Mario Odyssey’s way of doing a throwback to the first boss in Super Mario 64.

She’ll throw a golden Chain Chomp at you. The objective is to knock the hat off the Chain Chomp and then capture it. Once captured, charge it up and then smack the fat lady in the face with your chain balls.

Once you get the power moons, the cinematic will play after you power up the Odyssey Airship.

You’ll be able to either fly back to the Cap Kingdom or go to the Sand Kingdom. You’ll likely want to go to the Sand Kingdom next.

During the loading screens there will be small vignettes featuring conversations between Mario and Cappy, as he gives you some tips and additional guided tutorials about how to play.

Sand Kingdom Walkthrough

You’ll need 16 power moons in order to complete the Sand Kingdom stage in Super Mario Odyssey.

First, go talk to the Mexican skeleton and then grab some of the Doritos coins by jumping up onto the canopy that leads to the rooftops. Go across the rooftops to the bell tower that has a green power moon in it.

Just below the tower there’s a green pipe; go inside.

Use the HD rumble to pound out a power moon in the room.

Go down onto the street and there’s a building you can enter to play a short game to get the three moons in a row by throwing the cap. You’ll earn a power moon.

Head east toward the frozen oasis. Climb the tree and collect the items within the time limit to get another power moon.

Just north of the oasis there’s a Koopa. Talk to the Koopa to do a mini-game to walk in a circle to get a power moon. Just move around the area as indicated in the image below.

Due to the size of the Sand Kingdom, be sure to grab those checkpoints often so you can fast travel around the map, which is one of the new features of Super Mario Odyssey.

Head to the top of the dune toward the southwest of the map near the cliff’s edge. The HD rumble will kick into play and if you booty-smash the top of the dune you’ll retrieve a power moon.

Head into the ruins and take control of Bullet Bill using Cappy. Inside the corner block on the platform is a power moon. Just to the left of the map there’s another power moon on a tilted pillar that you can reach using Bullet Bill.

Go inside the ruins with the shifting sand and on the left side of the structure there’s a power moon inside the wall.

On the other side of the block, there’s a small crevice. Sink just below the sand to move under the crevice into the room and there’s another power moon.

Just outside the ruin there’s a character named Sphynx. Talk to him and he’ll ask you a couple of questions. The answers are:

  • A ring,
  • 30 coins
  • Ice
  • 5
  • Sphynx

You’ll get a power moon for answering all the questions correctly. Also, when he moves aside, go inside and there’s a power moon inside the chest.

Go up the ruin and perform the 8-bit segment to reach the top and break the crate to get a power moon. Additionally, you’ll need to use Bullet Bill to go across to the other side and get the Power Moon.

Scale up the tower and engage inside the next 8-bit segment and near the top, just before you complete the 8-bit segment, there’s an area with a hidden wall that has a power moon inside. Get to the top and then take the next super moon.

Super Mario Odyssey - Hidden 8-Bit Power Moon

Use the platforms to transport across the area and collect the mini-moons. Once you get the moons you’ll unlock a power moon. This will unlock the inverted pyramid boss fight on the other side of the map.

Inside the inverted pyramid you’ll need to complete an 8-bit section with anti-gravity sections not unlike VVVVVV. Just get through the section and head outside the pyramid. The thing is, when you’re outside during the 8-bit segment, head to the far right and there’s a hidden wall with a power moon inside.

Complete the 8-bit segment and capture Bullet Bill to make your way across the chasm. There’s also a secret area you can go in to retrieve another power moon.

Reach the other side and go up the stairs to face off against the Broodal boss.

The objective of the boss fight is to throw Cappy at the spiked bombs she throws at you and it will knock the bombs back at her.

Once she’s defeated the inverted pyramid will start to float. You can fast-travel to the Tostarena Ruins and then move down into the hole.

Inside the ice place, it’s easier to make your way through the icy platforms by capturing a goomba; goombas don’t slide as much on ice, which makes it easier to navigate the area.

Use the tower of goombas to reach the power moon.

Also, you can use Bullet Bill later on to move along the side of the structure to go up the side of the structure and there’s a chest with a power moon inside.

Make your way through the giant door to face off against the boss.

Wait for the boss to pound the ground while his fists are over the ice and his hand will get stunned. Capture his hand and then use it to fist the boss… in his face.

Abdallah also suggests using the Blue Toad to get hints to find power moons you may have missed. It will take 50 coins to pay Toad for the hint, so keep that in mind.

The next stage will take you to either Lake Kingdom or Wooded Kingdom.

Lake Kingdom Walkthrough

At the start of this particular Super Mario Odyssey stage there is a music note you can get, and once you collect the notes you will unlock your first power moon.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that for some stages the currency you collect can only be used in that stage.

Use the zipper to go into the underwater segment. Also, use Cappy to capture the fish to have infinite amounts of air while you swim underwater.

Also, once you reach the underwater city, off to your far left there’s an 8-bit segment. Collect the music coin and you will then need to collect all the notes to unlock a power moon.

Dorrie is also roaming around and on Dorrie’s back is a power moon.

Beyond the underwater plaza there’s a giant hole – use the fish to swim down into gaping hole and there you will find Captain Toad. Inside he will give you a free power moon once you talk to him.

Also just outside the giant hole there’s a small area to the northwest of the hole and there’s a small area with a secret door that leads to a fish lady that will give you free power moon.

Once you finish inside the plaza – and after you purchase a power moon for 100 coins inside the shop – you can head outside and up the platform where the airship is circling. Broodal Ringo will hop out of the airship.

During the fight, Ringo will throw his had at you – jump on the spinning hat and Mario will spin into the air. While spinning in the air bop Ringo on the head. Rinse and repeat until he dies.

There’s a turtle on a cloud that you can capture. Use him to do the fishing mini-game to lure in the big fish silhouette and he’ll give you a power moon.

Also, there’s a painting inside the hole – put Mario in the gaping hole and he’ll teleport to the Sand Kingdom where there’s a power moon. Grab it and exit through the painting.

Before you exit the Lake Kingdom you can get another extra power moon by jumping up on the platform on the wall just around the corner from the fishing hole. Use Cappy to capture the zipper to unlock the wall and it will lead to another power moon.

Once you get enough power moons go back and power up the Odyssey so you can head to the next stage.

Wooded Kingdom Walkthrough

Like many of the other stages throughout Super Mario Odyssey, you can buy your first power moon in the stage by talking to the Crazy Cap.

Talk to Spyhnx. The answer is: Flowers.

Use Cappy in the next segment to clean up all the poison on the ground using Cappy.

Head into the water and just below the small waterfall and there’s a side-scrolling segment with some crazy furries you’ll need to dodge. This segment is all about timing. Be patient.

At the end you’ll retrieve a power moon.

Get out of the tube, get the tomato looking creature and capture it with Cappy. Use it to get around the platform and get the power moon.

If you move around the corner there’s a scarecrow without a hat. Throw Cappy onto the scarecrow and it will open up a small area with a Fire Bro inside. Beat the crap out of the Fire Bro like he stole your NES Classic Edition because he’s poor and on welfare and his parents couldn’t afford it, so he thought he could lift it off of you. Let that fool know that you aren’t the Salvation Army. You’ll get a power moon for your efforts.

Move back around to the main area and use the tomato vine to scale up the 2D segment and there’s a power moon just before you reach the Iron Road: Halfway Point.

Move through the poison and beat up the flytrap to get another power moon. This will unlock the power button that will lead you to the Flower Thieves of Sky Garden.

Use the power buttons to unlock the pathways. You’ll come across a rotted plant along the way and there’s a power moon inside. Head into the tower using the stretchy legs and there are two power moons inside leading toward the top of the tower.

At the top of the tower you’ll have to fight a Broodal. The boss will drop poison. Use Cappy to bop him away from you while he’s spinning around and dropping poison. Once he stands up wait for him to throw his hat and then bop his head. Rinse and repeat until he dies.

After defeating the boss it will open up the Path to the Secret Flower Field. Warp back to the area near the new path opening up and capture the tank. Use the tank to shoot the purple coins to gather them up. Also use the tank to blast through the wall to get to a new area and grow the seed to get to the top and you’ll unlock a checkpoint and there’s a power moon on the other side.

Also there are a bunch of goombas. Don’t kill them. Capture the goombas and get tall and then move over to the lady goomba and she will give you a power moon.

If you need more power moons, before you go any further go through the pathway and jump off the ledge to fall down into the Deep Woods. Talk to the machine and get a seed and throw it onto the potted area. This will allow you to get back up to the top. If you move through the area there’s a Christmas tree on a ledge. Capture the tree and move it out of the way. Underneath the tree there’s a power moon.

Also there’s a T-Rex roaming around. Beat the crap out of the T-Rex by knocking off his hat and then capturing him and break everything in sight and there’s a power moon you can grab.

If you come out of the vine and back into the normal area you can capture a vine and scale up a tree to get another power moon.

Head through the pathway into the area where the Fire Bro is located and capture him and then move outside and capture a tomato vine. Go up the platforms to the top and there’s a power moon inside of a scraggly nut.

Head back to the Path to the Secret Flower and travel up to the top to defend the secret flower field.

During the boss fight you’ll have to capture a tomato dude and the object is to get underneath the machine and raise up to drill him up the middle. Dodge the lasers and then break the three brick sets and then bop the machine from underneath until it dies.

Cloud Kingdom/Lost Kingdom Walkthrough

You’ll first have to boss fight Bowser, which is a different kind of level introduction for Super Mario Odyssey. He has a hat with punching gloves on it. Bop the white hat and capture it and you will have to go punch Bowser in the face, ARMS style.

Once Bowser is defeated you’ll be waylaid to the Lost Kingdom.

Cappy will get kidnapped, forcing Mario to run around briefly without a cap like a naked pervert in the city streets. But don’t worry, it doesn’t happen often in Super Mario Odyssey.

Use the ground pound to raise the stairs. You can also get a power moon by power pounding the one set of steps to open up a pathway to the power moon.

Capture the caterpillar creature and head back near the beginning and use caterpillar to stretch around the deadly purple goo to reach the key and unlock a power moon.

Head back up and there’s a dude who will capture Cappy and then aim at Mario and suicide bomb toward Mario. Get the suicide bomber to aim at the blocks and it will blow up the rocks and reveal a power moon.

Use the wiggler to traverse the poisonous swamp and you’ll find Captain Toad inside one of the caves.

Move east across the swamp and activate the checkpoint flag. There’s an 8-bit tunnel you can access that will lead you toward another power moon. Just outside the 8-bit tunnel there’s another power moon on the other side.

Make your way up the mountain and you can also purchase another power moon from the shop for 100 coins. You can also use the lizard glider to glide over to a small isle known as the Forgotten isle to acquire a power moon.

Head back to the Odyssey to repair and power it up and that will wrap up the Lost Kingdom.

Metro Kingdom Walkthrough

You’ll finally make it to the Metro Kingdom featuring New Donk City. This level is the one that’s been prominently featured in Super Mario Odyssey’s promotional campaign, with Bowser having taken over the city with tons of advertisements.

Talk to Mayor Pauline, who is no longer the damsel in distress but is instead the mayor of the city.

Travel through the upper areas of the skyscrapers, beating the crap out of baddies, grabbing up coins, and moving through the linear pathways.

You’ll encounter a store shop where you can buy some clothes or a power moon.

Head outside and across the girders. Inside one of the girders there’s another power moon in the back of the area.

Complete the dark New Donk City segment and capture the power moons. Eventually you’ll have to help Mayor Pauline get the band back together and power up the city for the festival. This will eventually lead to Pauline singing the Super Mario Odyssey theme song while Mario enters an 8-bit arcade segment where he has to play through a classic Donkey Kong arcade platforming segment.

Super Mario Odyssey - Donkey Kong


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