Tangledeep, 16-Bit Style Hack-and-Slash RPG Updated With Halloween Content
Tangledeep Halloween update

Impact Gameworks is still chugging away on their 16-bit inspired hack-and-slash RPG, which hearkens back to the days of Secret of Mana or Terranigma on the SNES. The game was recently updated with a Halloween update, adding additional content and making some few choice tweaks to the gameplay.

The developers informed gamers about the update via a post over on the Steam community page, where it was revealed that limited time items would be available throughout the Halloween-themed event. There will also be the presence of Nightmare Bosses, where the bosses will contain some of the most powerful magic modifiers available in the game.

A permanent new feature is the Nightmare Prince, which is a lair you’ll be able to explore. These dungeons containing Nightmare Princes are said to be a prelude to additional new features set to arrive in Tangledeep in the near future.

Tangledeep - Halloween Update

Skill Orbs have also been added to the game. They’re a special type of a Lucid Orb, and you can attach ability modifiers to your equipment that can enhance certain skills. The Skill Orbs are only in limited supply throughout the world of Tangledeep – there are only 33, to be exact. So you’ll have to use them wisely when you get a hold of them.

Boss Gangs have also been added to the game, which are a group of monsters who have collectively taken over a certain floor in a dungeon.

They revised the third boss fight in the game as well, along with adding dynamic font support so that they can begin localizing the game for non-Western lexicon, such as languages containing Kanji and Romanji, so there will be support for Japanese and Chinese languages.

The developers are also overhauling the engine to improve optimization and increase performance for lower end machines.

They want to get the game up and finished before 2017 is out, with the full game scheduled to release either in November or December.

If you’re interested in checking out Tangledeep while it’s currently in Early Access, you can learn more or pick up a copy from the Steam store for $14.99.


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