Telltale Comments On Tackling Romantic Comedies, Adult Dramas
Telltale Romantic Comedy

When you think about Telltale Games you think about The Walking Dead starting out good and then becoming long in the tooth; you think about a bunch of choices you make that don’t really make much of a difference in the end; and you think about properties getting second seasons that don’t deserve it, and properties that deserve a season but never get it. Well, one more thing you can add to the list are genres Telltale should tackle next.

If you’re already thinking romantic comedies and adult dramas, Telltale’s head of creative communications, Job Stauffer, is already one choice ahead of you.

Speaking with, Stauffer explains that while they haven’t tackled romantic comedies and adult dramas yet, they’re genres they would like to get around to eventually…

“So we have the neo-noir of The Wolf Among Us, apocalyptic drama of The Walking Dead, family adventure comedy of Minecraft, superhero action in Batman, epic fantasy with Game of Thrones,” […]  “We have yet to really tackle a romantic comedy, something on the lighter side. Or even an adult drama, something like The Big Chill.


“There are so many different genres of storytelling that are underrepresented in games, and there’s a lot of space that we have yet to tackle at Telltale. That’s not to say that it’s coming up next, but there are definitely genres like that that we would like to cross off the list someday. And there’s always audiences for them, as well.”

I guess the lesbian wedding between Athena and the other chick in Tales From The Borderlands wasn’t romantic-comedy enough for them?

Romantic comedies are already fairly low-hanging fruit on the Hollywood money machine. Outside of films such as Wishful Thinking or Only You, most rom-coms are unbearably banal.

And given today’s climate of “diversity” and “representation”, I can only imagine that Telltale’s take on a romantic comedy would likely end up with a black, lesbian, cyborg, disabled, trans trying to navigate the sea of love in order to hook up with an autistic, Asian, obese, otherkin. And before you brush that off as sounding terribly ridiculous, keep in mind old chap that Arkane Studios’ main heroine in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider was a disabled, cyborg, lesbian black woman. I kid you not.

As far as adult dramas are concerned… I don’t think they work too well in the realm of gaming because a large part of it has to rely on the acting, emoting, and expressions of the thespians. Unless Telltale starts using MotionScan technology or teams up with 3Later and iKinema to give their characters more life-like expressions, it’ll be tough trying to carry five episodes based around emotional circumstances with stilted characters having stolidly animated faces.

Anyway, Telltale’s more immediate goals for the near future are overhauling the way people play their games in 2018. Stauffer didn’t say what they would be changing or how, but you can expect those changes in the series finale of The Walking Dead and the second season of The Wolf Among Us.


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