The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough

Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within 2 is one of the many games dropping this holiday season that gamers have been looking forward to. For those of you who have or will pick up a copy on PC, PS4 or Xbox One, and you’re finding yourself in a bit of a pickle at some parts, you need not worry my friend, there is a walkthrough guide to help you.

YouTuber MKIceandFire did a complete gameplay walkthrough with a lengthy playlist covering the title from start to finish that you can check out below.

At the very start of the game you can either choose if you want to play the game casually, on survival mode, or on nightmare mode. The difficulty setting determines how often items drop, how much health you get, how frequently you get attacked, and how difficult enemies are.

You can also enable or disable aim assist, depending on how good you are with pulling off your shots.

Chapter 1 starts with Sebastian racing home only to find his house on fire. You have to break through the glass window on the side of the house and attempt to get upstairs in the burning house.

Once you get to Lily’s room the cinematic will kick in, and then Sebastian will wake up in a bar where he’ll be approached by Kidman. Kidman will bring Sebastian to Mobius.

They explain to Sebastian that Lily, the daughter he presumed dead, is not dead after all and that she’s hooked up the STEM. However, Lily stops sending Mobius signals so they need Sebastian to go in and find her.

The real game doesn’t start until Sebastian enters into STEM.

You’ll learn how to sprint, crouch, and move in the short tutorial.

During the beginning sequence, you simply have to run toward each of the objects in the distance, whether it be the burning house, or the phone on the desk.

Chapter 2 gets underway when Sebastian looks at the wall and sees the other STEM team who was sent in to find Lily but went missing when they reached the constructed town of Union.

Sebastian will also be required to find the five missing STEM specialists, consisting of:

  • Yukiko Hoffman
  • Miles Harrison
  • William Baker
  • Liam O’Neal
  • Julian Sykes

Head into the next room and grab the slide projector from the black cat. It will contain slides that Sebastian can use to examine memories.

Also the green gel in the bottles can be used to increase Sebastian abilities, whereas the terminals in the cases can be used to save your game.

Head through the projector and watch another cinematic and then head through the giant foyer leading into the hallway where you’ll find Baker getting his brains blown out.

The Evil Within 2 - Baker's Death

Unblock the red room by moving the shelf out of the way and then proceed through the next hallway.

Move around the hall toward the vestibule with the staircase and answer the phone. Head upstairs and you’ll find an Extravagant Letter on a desk after you crouch under a raised gate.

Head up the next flight of stairs to the top floor.

You’ll encounter the Photographer killing a man – you’ll also learn a little bit about going in and out of cover using stealth. Sneak around the couch and avoid being spotted by the Photographer.

Move past the dying man trapped in time and proceed through the hall up ahead and go to your right. The door will slam shut, open it and go in and use the action button and move forward on the analog to hop over the flipped over table.

Grab the file on the desk and then exit the room and head upstairs.

Moving silently and swiftly along the balustrade, Sebastian will encounter a visual cacophony of artful gore.

The Evil Within 2 - Cacophony Of Gore

Sebastian then moves past the exhibit of blood and takes the elevator into another room where bodies dangle from the ceiling.

Little can be done here other than moving back and forth through the room until a door appears. Go through the door.

You’ll have to run from the crazy cacophony of mutilated mannequin gore, and run to the end of the hall. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough stamina to reach the exit.

To your left is a vent that’s open, which you can climb up and attempt to escape the monstrosity.

After escaping the vent and heading toward the end of the hall the Photographer will stab Sebastian and the frolicking nightmare fuel will attack Sebastian while he’s wounded, struggle free and get to the exit.

Inside the cabin there are some supplies, including a .45 with six bullets and a syringe with health inside.

Exit the cabin, head down the road to the left and follow the woman inside the cabin. A short cinematic will play, where a guttural attempt to force-feed a young man results in his death by his monstrous mother.

The Evil Within 2 - Gotta Eat

Kill the woman using either your pistol or melee attack and then examine the house and take things like the gunpowder. Head outside and down the street to find some boxes with gunpowder and pistol bullets inside.

Once you get to the main road you’ll spot some Mobius members fleeing from the zombies – the game will also teach you how to perform stealth kills by sneaking up from behind and stabbing the zombies in the face. They also teach you how to distract enemies by throwing objects to distract them.

If you move around the left through the parking lot and behind the dumpsters, you can take out the baddie eating the kid in the varsity jacket.

Make your way up to the place where the man-nerd is located and you’ll find him inside. Liam O’Neal will tell you about the team trying to locate the Core.

The Evil Within 2 - O'Neal

Chapter 3: Resonances will then start.

O’Neal will add a side-quest to your communicator called a Rogue Signal that will allow you find a stash of supplies. You can choose to do the optional quest or skip it. There’s also a save spot nearby you might want to use, unless you’re one of those tough manly men who don’t ever save their games.

You can also craft some new equipment using the workbench. Gunpowder will allow you make some new bullets.

When you exit you’ll see a specter of Tatiana walking towards a mirror; follow her inside to head back to the police station. She’ll lead you to the wheelchair where you can use the green gel to upgrade your abilities.

The Evil Within 2 - Tatiana

When you get done upgrading Sebastian, exit the police station and head outside. Use the signal locator to track the signal using the right analog stick.

Break the boxes in the back of the truck to get a few extra supplies.

Head into the Union visitor center. You’ll find a file on the reception desk, along with a few supplies scattered around the room.

Go outside and head up the ladder on the side of the building to find a dead Mobius security member and a zombie.

You’ll also discover a broken sniper rifle and a weapon cache on the roof. You’ll also find a Mobius communicator on one of the security team members.

Along the alleyways between the buildings you’ll find some additional spare parts.

The Evil Within 2 - A Priest and his Sins

Inside the church a small cinematic will play before a priest is taken over and becomes ravenous. Kill the priest and the zombies – shoot them in the face, just like the typical Romero zombies.

Once you get done blowing their heads from the shoulders like a leaf from a branch, proceed to take the supplies – there’s also a locker key located inside of a small statue of Mary behind the altar where the dead body is located.

Move to the residential area where you can examine some of the houses for additional supplies. In the house with the heavy metal hatch, you’ll find a fuse on one of the shelves before you enter the hatch.

Down in the basement if you mess with the computer it will transport you to a concrete facility.

There’s a zombie walking around by an elevator but even if you use a stealth attempt on her she won’t die. You can either attempt to lure her away or shoot her from a distance.

Move through to the next room and kill the zombie on the other side of the broken wall. There’s a broken fuse box and a locked door that requires a signal frequency to open. Use the analogs to match up the frequencies to open the door.

Inside the room you’ll find a shotgun in one of the storage boxes.


Make your way back through the hall toward the elevators and two zombies will pop out. This is a good time to use your shotgun and blast the crap out of the two pus-filled monsters.

Head back to the computer and activate it in order to make your way back to the residential area of Union.

Head through the door and down the street. You can either use the signal locator or the map to make your way toward the train yard. You’ll find a pouch upgrade inside the train car where the dead Mobius member is located. You’ll find it at the location marked on the map below.


Follow the signal to reach the Mobius security team members who went rogue… this will also open up another signal on your map.

Make your way down the street and around the barricade where you’ll find another dead security team member from Mobius along with a crossbow.

If you decide to track the signals of the two rogue soldiers you’ll find out that they hid out in one of the houses and killed a bunch of civilians and then doubled back to the visitor center to kill more of the civilians before they turned into zombies.

Go inside the house just around the corner from the signal and you’ll find a woman’s journal sitting on a table. The room will go cold and a humming huntress will come after you.

The Evil Within 2 - The Humming Huntress

When you attempt to escape she will hunt you down and tackle you. Sebastian will flee into another area – a hospital – where she will continue to track him.

The object is to use stealth if you want to avoid her. Don’t make a sound and make your way into the room with the hole in the wall while still avoiding her. You’ll find the keycard to get out of the room in one of the drawers in the patient room.

Take the card and use it to escape from the huntress. You’ll get a photographic slide for your troubles.

Back outside you’ll need to continue to make your way toward the signals.

Before you get to the red signal, however, the humming ghost with the icy atmosphere will kick in and she will roam around looking for you. Remember, she can go through walls and doors, so your best bet is to run and hide.

If you go inside the mechanic’s garage there’s a residual signal as part of the side-quest involving the two rogue Mobius agents. In order to get down below the secret hatch you first have to turn the power on. For the power switch… the first switch is flipped down, the second switch is flipped up, the third switch is flipped down, and the fourth switch is flipped up.

Once the power is on you’ll need to kill a crazy zombie chick and then raise the first car, it will reveal a secret hatch. Go down and you’ll see another residual signal – follow the pathway to the stash with an explosive crossbow bolt inside. It will also lead you to a ladder that comes up inside of the construction warehouse.

Follow the signal to the next location in the southern part of the map inside the visitor center and it will reveal Ryan Turner being executed by the Photographer.

The Evil Within 2 - Headshots

Exit the visitor center and make your way back to O’Neal’s safe house.

You can restock your supplies and upgrade Sebastian once you reach the safe house.

You can also use the locker keys you’ve collected to unlock the storage boxes inside the wheelchair room. You’ll find useful supplies inside, such as shotgun shells, sniper rifle cartridges, and weapon parts.

Once you get done upgrading there’s another small signal to the far northeast of O’Neal’s safe house at 345 Cedar Ave. You can go examine it.

Inside the house, back in the garage, you’ll find a KCPD request for evaluation of Sebastian’s mental health.

In the front of the house you’ll find the television on. If you watch the TV it’ll give you a quick flashback.

As you continue to explore you’ll be transported to the mental hospital where you can explore the halls, which will eventually lead to a wheelchair with a photographic slide sitting in the seat.

Head back outside once you finish the flashback and continue to make your way toward the garage with the broken fuse box to the left of the house you came out of. You can use the electric bolt on the crossbow to fix the fuse box and open the door. Inside you’ll find a dead Mobius member, a crossbow smoke bolt, and a mirror leading to the wheelchair room.

Inside the small garage to the far northwest of the map you’ll find the parts to fix the sniper rifle. You’ll find the parts located at the red marked location on the map below.

There’s also a workbench inside the small garage that will allow you to fix and equip the sniper rifle once you pick up the parts.

Make your way to the signal at the top of the map near the diner at The Pit Stop and investigate the residual signal echo.

Following the cinematic, make your way around back to examine the back of the diner.

Another signal will pop up on your map located in the middle of Union.

Kill the two monsters that come out of the tall grass — they’re fast and will keep getting back up. When they’re down, don’t stop shooting until the green goop spills from their broken and dilapidated bodies.

Make your way back down into the city and follow the radio signal. Continue following the signal, which will lead you to footprints on the ground and blood on the wall.

Continue to follow the clues until you unlock a new resonance point near the old mill warehouse at Tredwell Trucking.

Take out the zombies and then take supplies around the area.

Before you can get into the warehouse you’ll need to restore the power. You’ll find the power switch occupied by an orgy of zombies on the other side of the yard. Simply follow the wire to reach the power station.

Once the power is restored head into the warehouse and crawl through the access after ripping the panel off the wall.

Make your way around the warehouse until you reach the workbench in the room with the files on the upper floor.

You’ll find another doll inside one of the rooms where Lilly attempted to hide.

Sebastian will find out that the Photographer has taken Lily, and so you’ll have to go outside and contact O’Neal.

You’ll have to fight off some monsters before you can contact O’Neal. Once you do, head back to the safe house through the hordes of monsters.

This begins Chapter 4, where O’Neal gives you a gas mask and will mark on your map where to go to access the Marrow.

It’s located at a computer terminal at the north side of town… the computer with the password you could access before.Access it and it will take you to the Marrow Operations center.

Head into the operation center through the door and continue to the follow the pathway until you reach an open vent; head inside.

Head through the rooms until you reach a destroyed concourse. Upstairs you’ll find a pouch upgrade.

Use the radio to fine-tune the frequency to open the door leading to the access tunnels. Use the analog sticks to fine-tune the frequencies until they match up.

Proceed through the halls until you reach the door with the chain on it. Cut the chain off the door and go into the sewage area. You’ll need to flip the switch to lower the sewage. Climb down and head to the other side, climb up, lower the platform and then proceed into the maze of flammable gas.

You won’t be able to use your firearms while you traverse through the gas-filled tunnels, so rely on stealth.

Make your way to the junction box while avoiding the baddies, and flip the switches in the following order: Switch 1 is up. Switch 2 is up. Switch 3 is down. Switch 4 is up.

Make your way to the exit and climb up the ladder to exit the gas-filled access tunnels.

Once you get out of the tunnels you’ll need to proceed through the hall to the City Hall B2 exit. Simply interact with the computer to find your way out.

There’s a cracked mirror in the room leading to an area where you can test your shooting skill and earn some rewards. It’s identical to the shooting gallery in Resident Evil 4.

Once you get done you can exit from the terminal room by climbing up the ladder, where you’ll be on the isle with City Hall.

This will begin Chapter 5: Lying in Wait.

Next up is a boss fight against the chainsaw lady. It’s best to keep your distance by luring her through the puddle of spilled oil and then setting it on fire, burning her good. Also, trip the wire to slow down the game and use this opportunity to light her behind up with the sniper rifle.

Additionally, you can slow her down by going through the fence and luring her out the other side — this will give you enough time to create separation between the two of you and get enough distance to use the sniper rifle once more. Continue to light her up until she falls and dies in a puddle of the blood from the hydra head hanging off her deformed body.

The Evil Within 2 - Harrison's Death

Go inside, talk to Harrison and find out about turning on the Stable Field Emitter in order to stabilize the environment and weaken the power of the Photographer.

Follow the hallways through the city hall building until you reach a man dying in slow motion from the balcony — keep moving until you reach a stairwell. Go up.

For the mannequin puzzle with the blue dress. Take the jewelry from around the room and place it on the mannequin. Take the flowers and place it in the vase. Turn the mannequin around to face the camera. Operate the camera and take a photograph with the mannequin and vase in focus and it will open up the new area for you to explore.

The next path is quit linear. The objective is imply to examine the photos on the wall and follow the pathway leading you through the designated rooms. Take the photos, explore the hallways and make your way through the area.

Stefano will finally come face to face with Sebastian. You’ll need to fight Obscura, a camera monster. You need to keep her busy until the timer counts down and the emitter restarts. Simply shoot her/it in the face every time it stops the timer, and it will keep the countdown going.

Once the timer finishes you’ll need to head outside to contact Kidman.

Once you get get outside and the short cinematic plays, you’ll have to make your way back into the Marrow and toward the theater through exit D6. This will start Chapter 6: On The Hunt.


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