Thor: Ragnarok Actress Continues Marvel’s Progressive Agenda, Confirms Her Character Is Bisexual
Thor Ragnarok

Valkyrie used to be one of those strong, sexy characters in the old Marvel universe. In the newer run, Marvel turned the character into a covered-up, tomboyish lesbian, similar to how they turned former Spawn heroine Angela into a lesbian. Well, obviously the on-screen character of Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson in the film Thor: Ragnarok falls closer in line with the new depiction rather than the old classic character who used to be lovers with Thor.

The news came about during Thompson butting into a Twitter exchange that unraveled from some fans responding to a short vignette that Marvel posted up featuring Valkyrie in the movie Thor: Ragnarok.

Some users who are progressive-whipped by Marvel’s current direction reproached Greg for his comment, stating that Valkyrie is a “big ‘ole lesbian” and she doesn’t care what any man thinks. Thompson sub-tweeted the conversation, adding that her character in the film is actually a raging bisexual, and also doesn’t care what men think about her.

Ironically enough, Thompson’s comment actually seems to substantiate what Greg Martin criticized about the character’s depiction in the film: a sexless, wise-cracking, tomboy.

This has actually been the go-to character archetype for many of Marvel’s “strong” female characters. Although, strangely enough, Natalie Portman’s depiction of Jane Foster was actually not the typical tomboy, sexless, wise-cracking stereotype that has become pervasive and mostly ubiquitous in many action and super hero movies these days. Then again… the original Thor came out during a time when Marvel hadn’t completely succumbed to overt SJW-style politics in their media.

These days Marvel is all about virtue signaling, even to the point where sales have completely tanked on the comic side, and retailers have even taken Marvel to task for costing them lots of money since customers aren’t buying Marvel’s comic books anymore due to the poor writing and overt SJW-influenced politicization of many of the popular characters.

Some fans weren’t entirely sure why Thompson decided to talk about the sexuality of her character in Thor: Ragnarok, others questioned if it was plot relevant, and a few more were curious exactly why they were supposed to care?

If Marvel and Disney value the success of the movie branch, they should be careful about employing their comic-style virtue signaling for their movies, especially when that’s part of what caused their comic sales to dive.


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