VEmpire, Gothic-Vampire CCG Enters Early Access On Steam
Vempire CCG

Looking for a card combat game themed around the four dynasties of vampire culture? Interested in journeying into the Gothic atmosphere of werewolves and bloodsuckers and the men who hunt them down? Well, a new game from Wolfgang Leuger called VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness has officially entered into Early Access on Steam for $13.99.

Earlier in the year during the spring, Leuger had the game tested among the community during a closed beta run. The CBT came after the game had initially been greenlit to appear on the Steam store through the now defunct Steam Greenlight community curation portal.

VEmpire is a single or multiplayer CCG where players engage in turn-based deck building in order to knock down and knock out your opponent’s health points. The game sports 100 different unique cards at the moment, each of which are mirrored after real-life historical battles, characters, and locations. Obviously the elements have been fictionalized to suit the theme of VEmpire’s Gothic, blood-sucking nature.

You can get a glimpse of what the cards look like and the art-style with the trailer below.

Art-wise the game doesn’t look any better or worse than the competition out there. I do appreciate that the tone of the art is rather dark and grimacing in nature, which helps create a horror-influenced atmosphere for the board.

You’ll be able to choose what faction you start with, which will determine what your starting deck will look like. You’ll be able to swap and trade cards through the marketplace in order to build up a powerful and unstoppable force of darkness.

Players will be able to pair cards, strengthen defenses through defensive cards, and lob offensive attacks at enemies using attack cards. You can hold cards, empower them, or utilize surprise power-play cards.

The current state of the game sees it featuring a single-player component against AI in offline mode, and a PvP mode through private invitation or through online matchmaking. They plan on adding more stories for each of the factions, along with additional events and challenges through a fully fleshed out Story Mode, along with adding in additional power-cards, faction cards, and new mechanics.

Leuger doesn’t plan on keeping VEmpire in Early Access for long. There are plans to get the game finished and out for the general public within a few months. If you’ve been craving for a vampire-themed CCG based on historical vampire lore, you can check out VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness over on the Steam store page.


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