Weekly Recap Oct 14th: Male Feminists Sexual Assault Parade And Loot Box Gambling
Weekly Recap

The two big stories for the week ending on October 14th is all about two things: Loot boxes and male feminists being sexual assault perpetrators. One story after the next, journalists, producers, and SJW activists were outed for their sexual perversions, having all their dirty laundry aired out in the open, with brown stains and yellow markings smeared all over the linen of integrity that flutters in the wind of public opinion.

On a less sordid note, the whole discussion surrounding loot boxes came to a head when the ESRB, UKIE and PEGI were peppered with questions about rating games differently that contain premium loot boxes because they promote gambling. Many people see it as a form of gambling but the ratings organizations either dismissed the claims or deferred everyone to gambling commissions. These stories and more in this October 14th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.

More Male Feminists Get Outed For Sexual Misconduct

We’re almost reporting more frequently on male feminists being outed for being creeps, pervs, pedophiles, and sexual deviants than we are about third-party AAA games coming to the Nintendo Switch. How sad is that? The entire weekend was filled the brim of lecherous men being hamstrung by their own undoing, with the likes of a Vice and Rolling Stone journalist being outed for being a sexual abuser, Harvey Weinstein being fired for 30 years of sexual misconduct against various actresses, and the creator of Honest Trailers was fired after multiple accounts of sexual misconduct was aired publicly by those claiming to have been abused by the male feminist. A weekend filled with justice against the perverse. We also have reviews up for Cuphead and Raiders of the Broken Planet.


NISA Apologizes For Bad Ys VIII Localization

Even though the localization of Ys VIII is no where near as bad as say Fire Emblem Fates, NISA was still taken to task for doing a poor job translating the game. Unlike Funimation, however, NISA apologized and promised to fix the localization in Ys VIII. One of the developers in charge of overseeing the toxicity in League of Legends was fired for being toxic. Some new job listings for the upcoming Battlefield has revealed that the next outing could have some deep customization and other in-depth features. The Nintendo Switch also won’t be receiving Dynasty Warriors 9. And there’s a guide on how to install and add more games to your SNES Classic Edition.


ESRB Is Riding The Dick Train Of Loot Boxes

The ESRB made an official statement about loot boxes, claiming that they aren’t gambling and that they won’t be changing the way they rate games that contain them. Essentially, they’ve come down in defense of loot boxes. Scorn’s Kickstarter has wrapped up, and it did so on a high note. The developers are gunning to get the first part out at some point in 2018. After nearly a decade of development Overgrowth is finally set to launch next week. And a Google diversity employee revealed how they manipulate YouTube so you only see what Google wants you to see.


David Hayter From Metal Gear Solid Talks About Almost Eating A Sausage

It turns out that some male actors from Hollywood have either had to forcibly eat sausage or put sausage in the mouths of producers in order to further their career in Tinseltown, but Metal Gear Solid’s David Hayter was not one of them. His extensive martial arts background and sturdy stature ensured he wasn’t going to be Weinsteined like so many other Hollywood starlets who ended up getting taken advantage of by the producer. Epic Games have decided to start suing cheaters in Fortnite as a way to deter other cheaters and hackers from manipulating the game. Creative director Mike Laidlad has given up on BioWare and is taking his creative juices elsewhere, leaving a lot of gamers feeling as if BioWare is about ready to be doomed. And PEGI thinks that if gamers are having such a tough time with loot boxes, they should bring the issue to regional gambling commissions in order to get them regulated.


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