Weekly Recap Oct 21st: Male Feminists Reap Comeuppance For Sexual Misconduct
Weekly Recap

The swamp got an enema in the form of male feminists getting outed and fired for being sneaky creepers. The swamp is a little less filthy, but it’s not completely drained yet. There are still plenty of creepers eating cheesy pizza and projecting their evils onto the world by pretending to be innocent.

Nevertheless, a few threats to the safety of women have been removed from their positions after the gavel of public opinion came down on a couple of anti-#GamerGate, male feminist journalists. Not only did they get fired but some are potentially at risk of prison time assuming a thorough investigation is conducted. As disturbing as the news is, having one less villain who stood against #GamerGate find himself without a digital voice or platform is still a win for the digital entertainment landscape, and one step closer to protecting the sanctity of video games. Oh yeah, and the British Parliament will be keeping an eye on loot boxes for gambling. These stories and more in this October 21st, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Naughty Dog Has Double Standards On Harassment

While Naughty Dog has constantly talked about being pro-feminist and giving Anita Sarkeesian a lot of praise and sociopolitical back-rubbing, it turns out that the studio doesn’t have much faith in adhering to actually “listening and believing” when it comes to men talking about sexual harassment. The Nintendo Switch is in for an all new fighting game when Arc System Works’ BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle makes its way to home consoles and PC in early 2018. A Noclip documentary takes a look into CD Project Red and The Witcher 3, giving gamers a nice little look into what makes the studio tick. Oh yeah, and former pro-#GamerGate conspiracy theorist and then later anti-#GamerGate conspiracy theorist, Seattle4Truth, has been arrested and charged for murdering his father.


Another Anti-#GamerGate Journalist Gets Exposed As A Sex Pest

They’re dropping faster than flies at this rate. A bunch of sexual assaulting journalists who were against #GamerGate are getting called out, fired, and arrested as they continue to tarnish what miniscule remains of integrity the video game industry had left. This time around it was Sam Kriss, losing his spot at Vice after he was outed for having sexually assaulted one of his peers. Another job listing at Gearbox seems to suggest that they’re hiring a writer for Borderlands 3, but don’t hold your breath too much… this isn’t the same company it used to be. And in the most shocking news from EA this week, it appears famed game director Amy Hennig is out, and Electronic Arts has shutdown Visceral Games. They’ll be turning the remains of the Star Wars project into some kind of open-world, loot box-ridden “broadly appealing” action game.


U.K. Parliament Recognizes Loot Box Gambling Risks

It’s not the response we deserve or need right now, but it’s the only response we’ll get from the U.K., Parliament regarding loot boxes being considered as gambling. The British government responded to the query from gamers who wanted their MPs to address whether or not loot boxes are gambling, and they said that they recognize the risks of loot boxes but will let the Gambling Commissions make the decision. For now, the Gambling Commission says that they’re keeping the loot boxes under review. Looking for a cyberpunk, twin-stick shooter for the Nintendo Switch? Well, Neon Chrome is available but it’s not the best option you have right now for an overhead shooter for the system. The Chinese have made a knockoff version of PUBG but it’s based on the Terminator 2 license. NIS America says they won’t be censoring Tokyo Tattoo Girls for its release in the West, but many gamers are still skeptical. And there’s an editorial about why Activision’s new patent for loot boxes and microtransactions is one of the most heinous things a triple-A publisher has done yet.


Vox Editorial Director Fired For Sexual Misconduct

Multiple execs are being fired for sexual harassment, and even the most ardent anti-#GamerGate conglomerates such as Vox Media haven’t been exempt from the crackdown on male feminist deviancy. In fact, the editorial director of Vox Media, Lockhart Steele, was fired for sexual misconduct. In a follow-up to the Sam Kriss issue regarding his alleged sexual assault, a British MP has called for the defamed journalist to do prison time via making comments about the anti-#GamerGate critic on Twitter. Fans are continuing to make progress with MegaMan X: Corrupted as they move closer toward release. And we couldn’t round out this segment without pointing out yet another male feminist and SJW was outed and fired for sexual misconduct… and this isn’t just some no-name social media fodder either, we’re talking about a Cambridge graduate who contributed to noteworthy outlets such as Vice and The Guardian. Oh yeah, and he was also an anti-#GamerGate male feminist.


Call Of Duty: WW2 Rape Scene Censored
Activision decided to bend the knee to the censors in Australia, removing an implied rape scene in the game in order to appease the Australian Classification Board. The game was originally rated R18+ but after Activision removed the implied rape scene they still ended up with an R18+ rating. Hanna Barbera’s Snagglepuss is making a comeback, but not in the way you think. The kiddy cartoon mountain lion is being re-positioned to be a closeted gay lion who is also a social justice warrior. That’s not even a joke. Mark Russell wanted to do a satirical social commentary about 1953 America. Bungie is also looking beyond Destiny as a franchise, thinking about what they will tackle next that may bring them as much success as Halo. And famous movie director Quentin Tarantino publicly condemned Harvey Weinstein, but then also admitted he had heard stories and knew about the bad behavior of the producer for decades.


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