Weekly Recap Oct 28th: NeoGaf Burns Under Sexually Scandalous Escapades
Weekly Recap

While NeoGaf was known as one of the biggest anti-#GamerGate capitals of the internet, it turns out that the loudest voices decrying the consumer revolt organized to fight for better ethics in journalism was just a cover for some of the most vile and heinous acts of lurid behavior and licentious deviance.

The owner of NeoGaf, Tyler Malka, was accused of being a sexual miscreant, but instead of advocating for the “listen and believe” mantra he once held and promulgated across social media, he instead called the woman accusing him of lurid behavior a disturbed opportunist, and that the accusations were baseless and ridiculous. All the meanwhile NeoGaf’s credibility became about as trustworthy as a pedophile working as a masseuse at a child daycare. These stories and so much more in this gloriously drama-filled, October 28th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


NeoGaf’s Carapace of Faux Social Justice Collapses Under A Lascivious Lothario

Tyler Malka’s wining and dining ways didn’t equate to the luxurious life of fame and fortune he envisioned. The owner of NeoGaf found himself caught up in a web of public trial via social media judgment when the #MeToo movement caught the owner up in his own past misdeeds deemed unforgivable by the court of Social Justice. After allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced, gamers then turned on Kotaku blaming them for covering-up Malka’s chauvinist exploits. That wasn’t all, though. 4Chan decided to get involved by censoring any discussion about NeoGaf’s implosion on the /v/ boards. Some SJWs have already resolved to calling Cuphead racist and sexist due to its artwork, but thankfully it’s just a small minority of wackos. And on a lighter note, there’s a very thorough review of Dungeons 3 for the PS4 worth checking out.


NeoGaf Has Re-Opened

Tyler Malka, the owner of NeoGaf, has re-opened the site and has also posted up a statement calling the sexual misconduct allegations against him baseless and ridiculous. In other SJW news… former BioWare dev Manveer Heir has claimed that some of the “useless” developers from Mass Effect: Andromeda have been moved over to Motive Studios to work on Star Wars: Battlefront II, painting a grim picture for DICE’s upcoming multiplayer shooter. And in even more SJW news… one of the actresses of Thor: Ragnarok decided to use social media to boast about and virtue signal her character being bisexual in the movie, further cementing Marvel’s direction into SJW hell. In actual gaming news, the Nintendo Switch and SNES Classic Edition managed to come out on top as the two best-selling pieces of console hardware during the month of September.


Wolfenstein 2’s Racist /pol/ Caricature Strikes Back!

Bethesda originally stated that they weren’t letting modern day politics influence the story for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, but early on in the game it’s revealed that some obvious racial talking points from 4chan’s /pol/ made their way into the game. Ubisoft is now backed up into a corner as they attempt to defend the inclusion of loot boxes into Assassin’s Creed: Origins, claiming that they’re “non-instrusive” and optional without requiring real money. PragerU is suing YouTube for censoring Conservative videos and for working like a public forum but trying to weasel through the world with the rules of a private corporation. And the sales for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite aren’t looking too good once you compare the global stats to the rhetoric that was doled out by the NPD Group.


SJWs Want Even More Censorship For Overwatch

The whole talk of toxicity and bad behavior online has caused some SJWs to feel the coursing throb of authoritarianism pulsing through their veins, as any form of fun or enjoyment must be stomped out to meet their cultural Marxist ways. This recently took shape in the form of PC Gamer beseeching Blizzard Entertainment to further censor the Overwatch community. In some good news, however, Microsoft is ending production support for the Xbox Kinect, officially. Deathstroke could be getting his own movie with The Raid director Gareth Evans at the helm. We have a review of Piranha Bytes’ ELEX, and it could be worth checking out if you want a cool, lo-fi action-RPG. And Techraptor was on the receiving end of fulmination from SJW journalists, angered and enraged that Valve had a picture of the outlet on a background image because SJWs believed that Techraptor was pro-#GamerGate, and therefore harassment enablers.


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