Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Endings Explained
Wolfenstein 2 - Warm Quilted Day Dreams

There are two very different endings in Bethesda and MachineGames’ Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus depending on if you choose Wyatt or Fergus at the very beginning of the game. For those who played it on PC, PS4 or Xbox One and need a quick refresher of how the story goes, or for those of you who have no plans on playing it but still want to know how the story goes, this little guide here will catch you up on the story in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

The game picks up where Wolfenstein: The New Order left off. After getting caught in the grenade blast that kills the crazy German scientist Deathshead, Blazcowicz finds himself badly damaged and dying.

The small band of resistance fighters manage to rescue William Joseph Blazcowicz, but he’s barely alive and drifts in and out of a mild coma where we get flashbacks to B.J.’s childhood and his racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semite father and his loving, caring, doting mother. Throughout the game B.J. Blazcowicz has flashbacks of his family, including a little black girl that his father despised named Billie.

Wolfenstein 2 - Billie

General Frau Irene Engel, however, manages to track down the U-boat that the resistance fighters commandeered – and where a wounded Blazcowicz is recovering – and captures it with the flying fortress known as the Ausmerzer. During the assault, General Engel manages to kill the resistance leader Caroline Becker by beheading her with an axe. Engel’s daughter, Sigrun, defies her mother after enduring a lifetime of belittlement about her weight, and during the struggle Engel will either scar Wyatt (if he’s chosen) or maim Fergus by cutting off his arm (if he’s chosen).

Blazcowicz manages to commandeer Caroline’s special armor and help save his friend and Sigrun from Engel’s Nazi forces. They manage to free the U-boat and make plans to reignite a nationwide resistance movement across the United States of America, which has been overtaken and is ruled by the Nazi regime.

Wolfenstein 2 - American KKK Nazis

The Nazis have also teamed up with the local KKK groups, and begin acculturating the KKK into their ranks.

During this time B.J., embraces a fatalism and begins to soliloquize about dying… repeatedly. He’s only alive due to Caroline’s special suit, and feels that he’ll “fall apart” once it’s taken off. Nevertheless, he uses the suit to infiltrate the irradiated and Nazi-occupied New York, where he recruits the hippy soldiers led by the afro-wearing jive-talker, Grace, and her Jewish lover, Super Spesh.

Wolfenstein 2 - Grace

They plot to blow up the Nazi Oberkommando by using a nuclear warhead they’ve recovered and attempt to do so by infiltrating a base in Rosswell, New Mexico. With the help of Super Spesh, B.J., is able to infiltrate the Nazi stronghold and set off the nuke.

After Blazcowicz nukes the Nazi Oberkommando in Roswell, New Mexico, he revisits his home and finds out that his father is still alive. Blazcowicz recovers the ring that his mother had planned to give him and intends to give it to his soon-to-be-wife, Anya. However, his embittered and bigotry-personified father rats out his own son to the Nazis.

In a brief battle, B.J., maims and kills his father, committing patricide after his father ratted out his son for being a terrorist and a murderer.

Wolfenstein 2 - Billie and Billy Under The Tree

Frau Irene Engel swoops in and manages to capture Blazcowicz after a hellish battle with the Nazis forces that results in Blazcowicz’ home being demolished in the process.

After being captured, Super Spesh pretends to be his lawyer and comes in to save Terror-Billy, but it doesn’t go so well for him and Engel suspected that they would attempt to save the great white hope, and Super Spesh ends up in Engel’s trap, which ends with her shooting him in the back of the head. Spesh was also Grace’s lover and the father of their mixed baby.

Blazcowicz is sentenced to death.

Wolfenstein 2 - Billy's Judgment

Engel proceeds to execute Terror-Billy in front of a live audience, separating his head from his body in a brutal public beheading.

Set Roth, however, has a plan in place to reacquire Blazcowicz’ head before it falls into the fire down below and they manage to reattach his head to a super soldier’s body.

Wolfenstein 2 - Blazcowicz Beheaded

With the world believing that Terror-Billy has been executed, the small resistance group attempts to covertly recruit the “undesirables” who are on the Nazis’ death squad hit list, starting with the Communist leader, Horton, in New Orleans.

The black man and the fat German chick also have interracial sex.

After teaming up with Horton and his ragtag band of multicultural communists, Billy gets his hands on a flame-spewing Panzerhund, the pinnacle of German engineering meets some D&D dweeb’s wet-dream come true.

Like a king on a fire-breathing dragon riding into the territory of heathens and sin-sayers, Billy lays waste to all who stand before the flame-spewing Panzerhund, and it’s indomitable hoist of lethal justice.

The Oberkommando is relocated to the planet Venus, and so Blazkowicz goes undercover as an actor and makes the trip to Venus to meet Adolf Hitler… a sickly and aging Fuhrer.

Wolfenstein 2 - Hitler

Hitler kills one of the actors after accusing him of being a Jew, and then takes a piss in a bucket but misses the bucket a bit and begins pissing on his beautiful rug. He also vomits on the carpet.

Blazcowicz manages to escape from the floating facility, make his way down to the surface of Venus and steal the ODIN codes in order to take control of the Ausmerzer.

Wolfenstein 2 - Venus ODIN Codes

During the briefing Sigrun, the fat Nazi chick, finally snaps at Grace for constantly being called a Nazi, and she pimp-slaps Grace in the face so hard you would have thought Grace was an NFL superstar’s wife. Sigrun also decodes the ODIN enigma so B.J., and Anya can sneak onto the Ausmerzer and take it over.

During the fight aboard the Ausmerzer, Anya manages to save B.J., from a group of Nazis by diving in front of a flamethrower and shooting two guns. Her coat catches on fire and so she ends up killing the Nazis while covered in blood, topless.

Wolfenstein 2 - Pregnant Vengeance

Anya and B.J., manage to take over the Ausmerzer and then proceed tothe studio where General Engel is having an interview, live on-air.

Blazcowicz eavesdrops on the interview before dropping down onto the set. He learns that General Engel had plans to kill her own daughter via euthanasia.

Wolfenstein 2 - General Engel's Death

During the commercial break B.J., steps onto the set of the Jimmy Carver Show and uses his hatchet to cut off Engel’s arm and then cuts her face in half… telling her she’s in the woods of wolves.

Wolfenstein II Endings

During the ending credits, the anarchists and communists – consisting of Grace and Horton – rally America to take to the streets to fight back against the Nazis.

In the alternate ending if you chose Wyatt instead of Fergus, the communist Horton will not give a speech. Instead Wyatt will give a passionate speech about America needing to rise up and take back the country after it’s been raped and pillaged. He advocates for an organized resistance against the Nazis instead of pure anarchy and chaos. Additionally, you’ll see Blazcowicz in the back take the ring off Engel’s finger and propose to Anya just before the credits roll.

Essentially your choices are either siding with communists or putting a drug addict front and center of the resistance movement.


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