Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Gameplay Walkthrough
Wolfenstein 2 - BJ Is Dead

MachineGames and Bethesda’s Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the controversial new shooter for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new first-person shooter has arrived at an extremely controversial title. Well there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available to help you get through the game.

At the start you’ll be able to choose the difficulty of the game, ranging from:

  • Can I Play, Daddy?
  • Don’t hurt me.
  • Bring ’em on!
  • Do or die!
  • Call me Terror-Billy!
  • I am death incarnate!
  • Mein leben

There’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available from MKIceandFire. You can check out the walkthrough below.

The game lets you choose the difficulty at the start, but the final difficulty setting must be unlocked after you beat the game. You’ll also be able to choose which one of your comrades you save to choose from the previous timeline.

The first 10 minutes are mostly just cinematics, where we find out that BJ had jungle fever when he was younger, and his father hated black people.

BJ’s father then goes for /pol/ and starts talking about the Jews. Finally you’ll be able to throw pots and vases at BJ’s racist father, but it won’t help. He’ll pick up BJ and smack some /pol/ into him.

You’ll then have a choice of shooting the dog or not. You can either go full /pol/ or full Reddit.


Once the 10 minutes of cinematics finally end, you’ll have to make your way through the captured U-Boat toward the Jewish scientist.

Follow the linear corridors until you reach the microwave machine.

The first stage is mostly used as a tutorial, teaching you how to fire, activate and deactivate traps, and pickup gear. Most of everything is done using Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller.

Make your way down the steps and sneak up behind the two Nazi gaurds. Proceed through the corridor of white light.

Make your way up the gear wheel and hop off where the Nazi has his back turned to you. Proceed into the room with the ladder and there’s a lift to the left that you must climb up. You’ll find a note as well once you reach the top.

Continue through the corridors and down the stairs until you reach the conveyor belt. The mpatthway is mostly linear here – just follow the Nazis to make your way back to your wheelchair.

Head left through the maintenance area and use R3 on the DualShock or depress the right analog on the Xbox controller to stealthily take out the Nazi soldiers.

Make your way through the corridors and follow the halls to reach the switch to reverse the conveyor belt.

Get to the lift and then another cinematic will play.

This cinematic will be long.

You’ll have to sit and watch and wait until Caroline Decker gets her head chopped off and then her head gets squashed and turn into a pulp by the mech.

WOLFENSTEIN 2 - Caroline's Death

Finally the game will put you back in control when crippled BJ gets his power armor. You can use ‘X’ on the Dualshock to jump and Square to perform a power-smash on the ground to melee the enemies. On Xbox you press ‘A’ to jump and ‘X’ to attack.

During the next phase your objective is to make your way through the German ship and follow the headings at the top of the screen. They’ll count down as you get closer to the signals held by the commanders.

Simply kill both commanders to complete the objective.

Once you get the codes pry open the vent hatch to get your hands on a new gun and then crawl into the vent access on the floor, it will take you to the control panel that will open up the door to room A2, which has an explosive tank inside.

Use a grenade on the tank to blow it open.

Make your way through the next segment and follow the navpoint to the broadcast signal.

Follow the navpoint to the controller bay to release the sub.

Another cinematic will play but then you’ll have to fight a sub-boss in the arena.

Don’t be a piece of chicken spit and try to wimp out. And you better not try to escape through the busted tank hatch from whence you came. You balls up you mothersucker and you go back into that arena and fight that Nazi mini-mech. Your father didn’t raise you to be a little beyotch.

Get your hand on the laser rifle and head south.

Use the laser rifle on the door to your left through the main concourse and it will open up a new hallway that leads you outside where you’ll have to track down two more signals.

Proceed into the elevator and head up to the upper level where you’ll have to fight another mini-mech Nazi.

Follow the linear path to the escape pod to exit the level.

The next mission is to locate the transmitter in Section F.

This segment is quite linear – move through the tunnels and take out the German maintenance crew. Move to the piston lift and go up to the next level. Once again, all of this area is completely linear – just follow the pathway as the U-boat begins to take damage from the depth charges.

Complete the task and then head back up to trigger yet another cinematic.

To head to the next stage go through the U-boat and talk to Seth Roth to trigger yet another cinematic.

Seth will give you the Neutralize Drone mission that will require you to go kill a drone inside of a shooting range.

Complete that useless side-quest and then go talk to Anya in Caroline’s room.

Once you enter the ammo depot another cinematic will play before dumping you off at the port in New York City.

Head through the passageway into the broken tunnel and use the laser rifle to melt the tunnel capsules to create an opening.

Once you make it through the collapsed tunnels you’ll need to make your way to Manhattan. Follow the two signals through the linear, ruined streets of old Neu York.

Follow the pathway through the rubble and take out the Nazis. You should be able to stealth your way through the entire segment until you reach the underground.

Proceed up the bombed out building – hollow like the soul of Dick Cheney, or the uterus of Hillary Clinton.

You should be able to stealth your way up the building.

Take out the Nazi commanders and then move to the outer edge of the building through the pathway that leads onto the balcony.


Along the fire escape you’ll encounter an upgrade kit that you can use to deck out your guns.

Deck out your guns.

Back inside the bombed out building there’s a Nazi drone flying around. You can either stealth past it or shoot it out of the sky. Proceed to make your way down and out of the building and across the street into the next building.

Follow the signal until you reach the album on the desk, enabling you to listen to some German music from a Nazi artist who is basically the rockabilly version of John Cena.

Wolfenstein 2 - German John Cena

Head outside and make your way to the subway – kill all the Nazis in your path.

In the clearing you’ll find a hole in the ground just before you get to some German tanks, but there’s another hole in the ground next to the actual subway entrance that will take you down to the subway carts. It’s about 30 degrees northwest at the end of the street.

Proceed through the subway cars and kill everything in your path. There will be a mini-Nazi mech man you’ll need to kill before powering up the train. Just shoot the door down to get into the control booth.

Another cinematic will play and B.J., will get ejected from the sub and fly out onto the street, making it easy for him to get to the State Building.

Head up the building and kill the Nazis guarding the destroyed building. You’ll need to hop out of the building onto the street below to follow the signal. A big ‘ole Nazi mech will be patrolling the streets.

You can sneak past him along the side of the street and use the passageways to sneak around him.

You don’t have to fight the big ‘ole Nazi mech, you can just scale up the building in order to reach the top.

Kill all the Germans along the way and take their guns as if you were a Liberal repelling the 2nd Amendment.

Get to the top of the building and another long-butt cinematic will play. Once it gets done and you’re all finished zipped up after watching grace breastfeed her kid while smoking, proceed to kill wave after wave of Nazis to help bid time for the Communists to escape.

You can pick up a side-mission to feed the pig once you get back to the sub, but your main mission will be to get the nuke.

Inside the upper level there’s an arcade machine and it contains the original Wolfenstein 3D from the 1990s.

Once you’re ready, head back down to Section F and exit the level.

Head through the maintenance hatch and through the service tunnel that leads to a ladder. Head down and follow the pathway until you reach the map.

You’ll need to follow the path until you reach the mini-mech Nazis where you can set them aflame as they come out of the escape pods.

Kill the Nazis, go into the boiler room, flip the switch to open the door, go through the passage and climb the ladder. Continue up into the control room to open the door to access the nuke. Head back down, go inside, grab the nuke to exit the stage.

Wolfenstein 2 - BJ is Dying

Prep the bird for flight. You can do so by using the lightning gun to charge it up. There’s a recharge station at the other end of the hangar. Rinse and repeat until the helicopter is charged.

The next mission is the Roswell, New Mexico stage that was demonstrated so many times before.

Simply make your way to the diner to trigger yet another cinematic.

You’ll finally make your way through the tunnels and into the heart of the Nazi command once you get done watching nearly 10 minutes of the ex-lawyer prattle on about space aliens and government cover-ups.

As usual, follow the linear pathways into the command center and rearrange the walls with the red paint of Nazi bodily fluid.

Alternatively, if you prefer to simply skip all the special parts and segmented sections and you just want to see the whole game from start to finish, RabidRetrospectGames has the full six hour campaign uploaded for you, which you can check out below.

For the part where you must impress Hitler during the audition, you’ll need to remember the following lines that must be said in the following order:

  • And you are a Nazi whore
  • I will rape and murder you
  • I will murder your dirty race, too

If you mess up then Hitler will kill you. So don’t mess up. Don’t die in Hitler’s puke.


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