Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Has A Racist Character That Caricatures /pol/
Wolfenstein 2 Racist Father

If you thought that the marketing for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was all about playing into the politics of today’s extremely volatile and divisive social landscape, but thought that the game itself was completely separate from that… you thought wrong.

MachineGames doesn’t spare a moment to play up a lot of the stereotypes being peddled from today’s mainstream and alternative media platforms. Obviously there are some light spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want the first 10 minutes or so of the game ruined, feel free to stop reading right here.

For those of you brave enough to stave off your interest in the story to find out more about this racist caricature, keep reading on.

So during the early part of Wolfenstein II lead hero B.J. Blazkowicz has flashbacks to his childhood, one of which includes an encounter with his father, who seems to be 4chan’s politically incorrect board (also known as /pol/) come to life.

You can view the scene below, which takes place at the 8 minute mark, courtesy of GameRiot.

The scene involves B.J., as a child being hidden away in the closet by his Jewish mother. His crime? He kissed a black girl.

His father storms in to complain about B.J., saying…

“Do not bullshit me, I saw him with her.” […]


“He knows god damn well not to spend time with some dirty little nigger girl!” […]


“You have no idea what it’s like to suffer like I do. Oh, Zofia! Every day I’m out there bustin’ my ass. Tooth and nail. Getting screwed out of my earnings left and right. Humiliating myself just to keep the business alive.


“I saw them two together, Zofia! Getting sweet with each other under the poplar tree. This cannot happen!”


“I have worked too hard for too damn long to lose my reputation ’cause my boy is sweet on some nigger.”

B.J’s father and his mother continue to argue, with B.J’s father constantly threatening to get physical with Zofia.

She eventually back-talks him, saying that he wasn’t the man she married and that the man she married would never let his family go hungry, to which he responds…

“What is it with you damn Jews? Have all the answers do you? Smart mouth god damned Jew.


“I married you, [because] I figured your father would be an asset, but you’re just a damn millstone. Sticking your nose into my business instead of handlin’ your own. If you can’t raise the boy right, I’ll do it for you!”

After a brief struggle, B.J’s racist father then pimp-slaps Zofia and kicks her to make sure she stays down. The trusty dog bursts from behind the closet doors and attacks B.J’s father, but he kicks the dog and throws it against the wall, completing the trifecta of being a racist, woman-beating, animal abuser.

It doesn’t end there. Poor little ‘ole B.J., emerges from the closet and begins throwing things at his father like a helpless pup in the den of a hungry lion. B.J’s father shrugs off the attacks from the child and grabs the little tyke, choking him until he passes out. After beating up a helpless little B.J., his father then straps him to a device in the shed, the sort of thing you would expect SJW sex deviants to use.

However, the device is to ensure that B.J., can hold onto a shotgun so that he can kill their trusty dog. During this time B.J’s father goes into a rant, saying…

“All manners of scum and sickly minds and dirty bodies and cockroaches, doing everything in their power to rob the white man of what he’s earned.


“It’s on us to straighten out the queer. It’s on you!”

And there he completes the four point bigot paradigm by being a woman-beating, animal-abusing, racist, anti-gay caricature of the exact kind of over-the-top posts you would find on 4chan’s /pol/.

The hilarious part about it is that it’s all played straight. He has no redeeming qualities in this scene, no human traits… just a guy who hates his family, hates Jews, hates blacks, hates his wife, beats his son, kills and eats his dog, and blames everyone else for trying to “rob the white man”.

It’s impossible to see it as comedy since there’s nothing really ironic or funny about it. Even worse yet is that the scene featuring B.J’s racist father has nothing to do with anything else throughout the level or the events that transpire later on. It’s a complete non-sequitur to everything else happening in the game. It makes you question why was it even there?

It also makes you question how B.J., turned out to be this virtuous, upstanding, headstrong egalitarian when he was raised by a fellow who was essentially /pol/ personified? Or more recently, a literal video game incarnation of the “evil racist white man” touted about across Twitter, Facebook, and most other SJW circles.

Wolfenstein 2 Racist

Nuance and scale seem to be lost in this character’s portrayal, making it rather obvious what MachineGames was trying to get across in one of the many elongated cinematic sequences featured in the game.

Going in, some feared that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was going to be propaganda for the extreme Left. Others developed conspiracies that it was like a subliminal recruiting tool for Antifa and the proliferation of Communist politics.

The unfortunate reality is that when the game ham-fistedly throws in straight-faced caricatures that seem like they’ve come out of an SJW fan-fiction, or the most extremist forms of a /pol/ debate, it’s not hard to see how people could easily view Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus as a game wedging itself into the ongoing culture war taking place in America.

Reactions to the content in the game – and specifically this character – ranges from glee to outrage. One thing is for sure, this certainly won’t mend the sociopolitical tears ripping at the seams from the Alt-Right and the Regressive Left.


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