Alpha Mike Foxtrot, VR PVP FPS Enters Early Access On Steam


Sublevel One Studios’ online, PvP, first-person VR shooter Alpha Mike Foxtrot recently made its way onto Steam via Early Access.

The game is basically a VR version of Counter-Strike. The developers so far want to keep the action fast and fun with immediate respawns, non-stop gameplay, quick reloads, and arcade-style map designs so that there is constant ebb and flow for the action.

One other unique aspect of Alpha Mike Foxtrot VR is that you can choose to play either against your buddies in PvP or with your buddies in co-op. There’s a fully implemented AI bot system so that if you don’t feel like competing against other humans, you don’t have to.

The game incorporates full 360 room scale rotation, along with three different movement speeds to help players get acclimated to the fast-paced gameplay, ranging from Rookie to Pro.

The game modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Knife-Only and Grenade-Only. Up to eight players can join per server. You can see what the gameplay is like with the video below, courtesy of RowdyGuy.

Now obviously given that the game is in Early Access you can easily see where it’s unpolished and needs a bit of help. There are some animation glitches, some kill glitches, some death glitches, and some reloading glitches. However, I have to admit that the game seems to show some kind of promise.

During Early Access they want to increase server capacity to support up to 16 players, as well as improve the playability, performance, and upgrade the weapon selection.

They don’t want to stay in Early Access for too long, and only have plans to keep the game in the developmental phase for anywhere between four and six months. During this time they have plans on going over user feedback and improving the gameplay where necessary.

I’m not a huge fan of VR games and a lot of times it’s because they’re janky, unpolished and feel like tech demos, but I am getting some old-school Combat Arms vibes from Alpha Mike Foxtrot. If they can iron out the kinks and turn this into a solid FPS experience, it might end up being a decent VR shooter.

You can learn more about Alpha Mike Foxtrot and its features by visiting the Early Access page.

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