Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Highlights Thor’s Missing Eye, Iron Man’s Defeat

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War - Thor's Missing Eye

Marvel Entertainment’s Avengers: Infinity War received its first official trailer after some mishaps happened with Tom Holland leaking some stuff accidentally, and someone else apparently posting the trailer online. Well, long story short, Marvel figured the best way to get out in front of the hot mess created around the upcoming, highly anticipated film, was to release the full two and a half minute trailer.

The trailer covers a ton of stuff in a short amount of time. Wanda and the Vision are living together happily. Dr. Strange recruits the Hulk and Iron Man to help him out. Spider-Man joins in on the fray. Thanos comes down and beats the crap out of Spider-Man and Iron Man. You can check it out below.

It’s interesting that they used Dr. Strange to start the recruitment process for the Avengers. In a way it makes sense given how Captain America: Civil War ended, with the fractured Avengers splintering off after Tony and Steve had a major falling out.

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War - The Hulk

Apparently the Hulk doesn’t stick around for long because we later see him among the ranks with Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, and the Winter Soldier charging into battle against… some unidentified foes.

Early in the trailer, however, we see that Spider-Man does his darndest to stop Thanos, even using a brand new suit to do so.

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War – Spider-Man

Both Spider-Man and Iron Man are soundly defeated. We see some sort of device that it looks like Spider-Man is attempting to dismantle but isn’t quite able to do so… or maybe he is?

However, it’s hard to tell if the duo’s defeat comes before or after Stark calls in Veronica to deal with the threat. I’m hoping we get a good one-on-one fight between Veronica and Thanos.

Marvel's Avenger Infinity War - Thanos

Before all the fisticuffs ensues we also see Loki temporarily with the Cosmic Cube. The trailer hints at Loki possibly being the one to bring Thanos to Earth… maybe?

It does a fine job of setting up the threats and putting together a serious looking challenge for the dismantled Avengers.

It looks like Black Panther rallies the troops in whatever location he is, and also demands that someone get a very serious and very weathered Captain America his shield.

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War - Captain America

The trailer initially rounds out with the second group of Avengers racing into battle, Lord of the Rings style, with War machine, Falcon, Hulk, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, and Black Panther being led by a shield-less Captain America.

It also looks as if Bucky got his arm back after having it blasted to smithereens by Stark in Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War - Avengers Assemble

The second ending to the trailer is what’s most interesting. We see a battered, tattered, bruised and beaten Thor, replete with despair and a very obvious missing eye, asking about a certain group of galaxy defenders.

The two minute trailer rounds out in totality with a short group shot of the Guardians of the Galaxy, with Peter sporting a porn-stache.

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War - Guardians of the Galaxy

Oh yeah, and Vision had the Infinity Stone in his head ripped out of its socket, so it’s likely he dies.

The film is due to drop this upcoming May in 2018.